1 September 2015

Smile in a box with #EmergencyHappiness

It's so easy to focus on the negative when you are feeling low. One forgets all the things that are going right in the world and we focus on that 1 thing that could be going wrong. Then when you add the stress of work and money it can turn a bad moment into a bad day, and a bad day into a bad week. Well Viking might not have the answer to your problem but can give you a moment to be happy about, that may well change that bad day into a happy one with their #EmergencyHappiness campaign. 

What's it's aim you ask? Simple, more smiles and happiness! 

 To kick-start their project they have been sending out #EmergencyHappiness packages and I'm not going to lie. They are bloody amazing.

Inside my box contained the following text with my gifts:

The Tea Break - Draw attention to your wooden chest, a treasure ideal for moments when biscuits and a cuppa is just a must have, enough for two or even just you.

Your Lucky Bag - Inside your lucky bag you will find : 

A Lotto Hotpicks ticket, so go and check the results (we have our fingers crossed for you)
A Lucky Penny to let you know you're worth it.
Eternal happiness dust to remind you ever cloud has a silver lining.

The 'Fixer-Upper' - Your organza bag is filled with :

Two sunflower seed papers to spread natural happiness
Plasters to help you heal when you are hurt
A rubber to erase those silly little mistakes
A paper clip to keep you organised

The Support - Carefully placed around your package you will see :

A slate heart to remind you how much you rock
Notebook and pen to never forget those happy times
Bubbles to life you up when you are down
Sweets ( because we think you're pretty sweet too )

The Relief Located at the very bottom of your box is a stress ball, and wraped around your slate heart is bubble wrap..need we say more? Get popping!

The gifts down to the very words were so uplifting I couldn't help but feel my mood improve and a smile appear on my face. It was so unique and special as if it had been made by a friend and tailored to me. I'd love to send some to friends if they are down or low as it's the perfect picker-upper!

For anyone that loves this idea, why not make one for your friend?

What would you put in your box?

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  1. This may just be the best idea I have ever seen! That would definitely make me smile if I received it!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

  2. This is such a lovely concept, and would make a gorgeous gift!

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx


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