14 August 2015

That's going straight in my basket feat LUSH | Beauty

Sex Bomb £3.35 || Blackberry Bath Bomb £3.35 || Twilight Bath Bomb £3.35

With everything that goes on in our lives, sometimes it's really important to slow down, stop and pamper. I've had a crazy 8 months with going in and out of hospital, having surgery and being doped upto the eyeballs on pain killers and it's easy to forget that it can really take it out of the body and have an overall effect on ones mental state.  Whilst I've always been pretty positive and happy go lucky, lately my moods have been up and down and I'm trying to get back on track, I'm meeting up with some blogging babes at the weekend for dinner and I fully plan on popping into Lush before hand and stocking up on some well needed pamper supplies, here is what's going straight in my basket!

Frozen Bath Bomb £3.95  - I've never tried this one before, It's a new bath bomb they've recently brought out and I mean, I like frozen as much as the next person but there is something very relaxing about a giant blue filled bath with shimmering glitter bits that I think would feel like I'm just chillin' in the ocean.  Can you tell I'm gagging for a holiday?  

 The Experimenter Bath Bomb £3.95 - I've seen this bad boy and all I can say is Joseph, your dreamcoat ain't got shit on this bath bomb! I've never been a huge fan of spicy, warm scents but I think the smell of christmas cake and rainbow water could definitely sooth me after a shit day!

The Comforter Shower Gel £4.75 - I think I'm yet to find someone who doesn't love The Comforter and when I heard they now had it in a shower gel form for those days when I'm on the go and can't dunk myself like a tea bag and brew this is perfect!

Sex Bomb £3.35  - Everyone harps on about Sex Bomb so that's going in the basket to try :)

Blackberry Bath Bomb £3.35 -  The Blackberry bath bomb sounded right up my street as they say it's a good one for any tension anxiety, depression or nervous tension. SOLD! Is it wrong to like the idea to be laying in a ribena bath?

 Twilight Bath Bomb £3.35 - Twilight is my favourite bath bomb so suffice to say it's going straight in my basket. I love the smell, It's so relaxing and soothing!

Pearl Massage Bar £6.50 - I had an interview in Lush Oxford Street and part of the first interview was giving each other a massage as if we were on the shop floor with a customer and I got to use the Pearl Massage bar and it not only smelt amazing but it felt so smooth and moisturising on my skin so it's going to be coming home with me this weekend!

 Dirty Springwash Shower Gel £4.75 - Another firm favourite of mine. It smells just like spearmint and I LOVE it for first thing in the morning to get me going. I'll always have one of these on hand and my current one is running low so time to stock up!

Life's a Beach Scrub £12.50 - Last pick is this scrub for in the shower, it's basically like spending a day at the beach only you are actively putting sand in all your...crevices haha. Apparently this smells like vanilla cupcakes and the scent lingers for ages so I don't know about you but I wouldn't mind having a good scrub down on a sunday and smelling like vanilla cupcakes feeling all polished and smooth and... yummy! haha.

What are your top picks when you go into a lush? What should I try?

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  1. Oh you'll have to write a post about what you thought of the Frozen bath bomb if you pick one up! It sounds and looks amazing!



    1. Sadly, it didn't smell very nice to me so I didn't get it! If you pass by a Lush have a whiff and let me know what you think, but yeah, this wasn't my cup of tea :( xx

  2. I really need to restock my bath bombs, I used my last one the other night :( The butterball is my all time favourite :) xxx


    1. ooo never tried the butterball, will have to add that to my basket next time :D x

  3. Replies
    1. I literally can't wait to use it! xxx

  4. I have been to LUSH Oxford Street and I bought the comforter shower gel which I love so much and I enjoyed using the experimenter bath bomb. My absolute favourite bath bombs are the dragon egg and intergalactic! I would love to try the scrub and the blackcurrant bath bomb, both sound yummy!

    Laura Likes Beauty xx

    1. Will be trying both of those next time :D The Blackcurrant bath bomb smelt amazing! Can't wait to try it! x


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