24 August 2015

#SwimStories with Curvy Kate

I'm so pleased I can finally tell you all about Curvy Kate and their swimwear! Last month they took me and some fellow blogging babes to the Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London to show us some of their new Autumn Winter Swimwear which you can see here.

#Swimstories campaign has been designed as a feel-good, body-loving, social movement to spread awareness of Curvy Kate’s first Autumn Winter swimwear range. Curvy Kate are asking women from all over to share their #swimstories that could be anything from a bikini mishap to learning to love your body and wearing a bikini for the first time… 

I was looking forward to trying the Plain Sailing Tank and it's matching Skirt Brief as I'd just come out of surgery and I was a bit paranoid about my scars but I had a bit of a nightmare getting to the hotel and arrived late and one of the other babes was in it so I went out of my comfort zone and wore their Padded Plunge Bikini and Skirt Brief and loved it, though...had a brief...brief problem haha.. making #swimstories already and I'd only been their 5 minute flashing them all!!  ( see picture below ) We decided to pop me in the Lual Black High Wasted Briefs and they worked perfectly with my top half, I love that they were interchangeable and you could mix or match!



After our enjoyable time in the spa area, we were treated to a gorgeous hand massage and chilled out nibbles overlooking the harbour and it was just amazing. We were all so chilled out sippin' on bubbly and eating a mini afternoon tea on the docks in the sun.

Curvy Kate want you to share your #swimstories on social media either on Twitter or Instagram using either 140 characters, a picture or a short video to tell your bikini/swimwear story to be in with a chance of winning a weekend away with Spa Breaks for yourself and a friend aswell as win 3 pieces from the new Autumn/Winter swimwear collection! AWESOME!  The competition is in conjunction with @figleaveshome who have will be stocking the entire collection. 
Just post your picture/video / 140 characters to instagram and twitter using the hashtag #swimstories @CurvyKate and be in for the chance of winning! For more information check out their post here on how you can win!

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  1. Ah what a lovely collection! Sounds like you ladies had a fab time. I'm looking for some swim wear for a winter holiday and I'm super self conscious of my body/stretch marks. I don't feel like I'm restricted to a bog standard one piece now! xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  2. Ahh you all look amazing! Looks like you all had so much fun. I wish I felt confident in a bikini!! xxx

  3. What lovely swimwear choices
    sounds like a great fitting choice to
    i hate buying swimwear as its hard to find
    will have to treat my self for my next trip

  4. You look amazing! I have loved reading these #swimstories on social media. :) xx


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