3 July 2015

Evans wide fit Black Metallic Plait Wedge Shoes | Review

As far as shoes go, heels are usually a no no for me which is a shame as I'm 5'3 and wouldn't mind a few extra inches. I've tried what seems like all sorts and when Evans offered to help me with my shoe problems I jumped at the chance. So what do I look for in a shoe with a heel? Well they HAVE to be comfortable first and foremost! I like black as it goes with most colours and I do enjoy a peep-toe to show whatever splash of colour is on my toes. Now.. the dreaded part, the heel, actually no I think the walking part is the hardest for me haha..  1,2.. 3.. POOF. The perfect shoe for me was sent and it was these Evans Black Metallic Plait Wedge Shoes!*

 I've never worn a shoe like this before and it's like a half heel, half flat bottomed shoe and walking is a breeze, none of that half swaying swagger like steps, and I'm not constantly worrying that as a plus size girl I'll snap the heel off!!  I can't be the only one that worries about that?.  I got these wedges in an 8EEE and they are perfect for me in terms of size and width as I do have me some wide chubby feet! Another plus was the buckle actually did up round my ankle! 

 Like any sandal I did have to wear them in a bit as the back slightly rubbed, but they fit like a glove sock and look so trendy! I've worn these with jeans and maxi dresses and they have this Aztec vibe and are perfect for holiday! I'm in love and I'm taller!!!! YAY!!! haha. If you have wide feel like my I'd definitely recommend checking out Evans shoe range!

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  1. I have such wide feet I can never fit in normal sandles or heels, even the usual wide fit aren't any good for me. The only open shoes that fit me are Evans and I'm an EEE too! These look lovely, I'm definitely going to check them out! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. I have a similar problem and the heat doesn't help as everyone's feet get all hot and puffy! It was great to wear a wedge/hell shoe and not have to worry about it rubbing and even walking it it so definitely recommend you check them out in store if you get a chance! xx

  2. Hi, I realise this isn't the right place to contact you about your blog sale but I don't use any social meda; I was wondering if the black & almost paint splashed dress was still available?

    1. Hi hun!
      It is still available :) If you have email you can email me on fatbeautyx@gmail.com :)

  3. So pretty! I love metallics and the plaiting. Looks adorable with your tattoos too! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  4. These look really nice! They don't seem to have that bit where the big toe is, I hate those! Also love the nail varnish on your toes, turquoise is my favourite colour! xx


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