23 July 2015

Celebrating July 4th with Three #MakeItRight | Event

Independence day isn't really something I've celebrated before so when Three asked me to come to their 4th of July event for a true American celebration I couldn't resist...

 Three believe that when stuff sucks #makeitright. They threw us this great event to give those with friends and family in the US a chance to celebrate the 4th of July from across the pond. More details on how Three are taking a stand in the mobile industry to #makeitright can be found here.

Three went all out for us with all these American treats and nibbles throughout the afternoon with Mac & Cheese, fried pickles and a BBQ along with the most delicious apple crumble and ice cream followed by milk and cookies.  

They had one of those awesome social media picture printers and a lot of props which is always fun .. We got to take away loads of prints from the day and it was so lovely meeting lots of other bloggers. There were lots of typical American activity's to do such as beer pong, flip cup and this INSANE saltine challenge to eat 6 crackers in 60 seconds... I did it in 65 seconds. Surprise surprise my mouth wins me another game :P

We were given the new Samsung  Galaxy S6 Curve to take photos on and the camera was FLAWLESSSSS! Loved the design of the phone, it's pretty similar to my Samsung S4 so was easy to use and navigate around! you can find more information about the phone here.

All in all an amazing time with Three, was even given skype cards to use to call family and friends around the world! We were spoilt rotten with the food and games and a fun sparkler at the end of the evening! 

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  1. All the food looks delicious and I really like your purple top! I've always wanted to try beer pong...although I don't really like beer, haha! Cider pong, maybe? :D

    1. Thanks so much hehe.. I love a good game of beer pong :P xx

  2. Looks like you had such a good time :) The food mmmmmmm!!



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