23 June 2015

Bon Prix Plus Size Swim Wear Review

It's that time again where all the spring items are showing in my favourite shops, where I'm thinking about a holiday in the sun and it's usually also the time I think what am I going to wear to the beach, however I'm not panicking at all!  Bon Prix kindly sent me this Tankini from their swim wear range to ensure I have a worry free time on a beach or in a pool on holiday and I can't wait to gallivant on a beach somewhere in this bad boy!

If I'm 100% honest, Bon Prix isn't somewhere I'd think to visit for plus size swim wear but while looking several items that caught my eye in a variety of sizes going from a size 6 - 32 and a 30 - 46 bust to AA-E cup which is great as my readers all vary in size!

I chose the Floral Print Tankini* in a size 22 E cup. I absolutely adore the print and it will look amazing with a tan. While the sizing was good and fit fine, as a plus size women I do have a large tummy and I noticed the bottoms would ride down as they weren't high waisted enough to cover more of my tummy and the top would shrink up a little so I found myself pulling down the top and pulling up the bottoms which I think might be a deal breaker for some in terms of being comfortable walking on a beach and having my belly just fall out, or sit down and have both items roll the wrong way and free my belly on a sun lounger haha..  god that's a lovely mental image.. 

Now I do have what I like to call a bit of a Simon Cowell complex where I always wear my trousers over my belly so I was pretty impressed at how comfy I felt wearing this tankini despite the odd tug here and there and I was having so much fun prancing around the garden but I'd say if you have a belly like me and want your bottoms to stay put, I'd size up in the bottoms or look for a more high waisted bottomed tankini, or mix and match! 

I'd also like to say a special thank you to Jennie who had been looking after me from Bon Prix. As you all know I've not long had surgery and Jennie and the team were very patient while I had my operation AND got back on my feet and even though I've set them back weeks with my review, they still remain as patient as ever which is always a huge pressure off ones back, so Thank you Jennie! :) 

I always reply to all my comments & will always return the favor.
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I always reply to all my comments & will always return the favor.
Make sure you're following me on all my social media too!!

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  1. That print is super cute! Does it have an underwire? I would love to get one but big boobs + no support = no bueno.

    1. It does indeed have an underwire babe :D x

  2. It's so hard to find underwire in things now, I can never find the boob support anymore so this looks great. Thanks so much! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  3. You look so gorgeous and confident :) xx


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