22 April 2015

Top Picks for Picnics

While the weather is so lush at the moment I thought I'd share my top picks for picnic's and it's all well thought through for my other chubby bunny's out there like myself, I say that because the first thing I want to mention is this cropped pair of jeans from Newlook. If I'm going to be sitting on the grass or on a blanket, the last thing I want to worry about is flashing any kiddiewinkles running around so a cropped pair of jeans means I still get to have my legs out and be comfy in the sun without fear sippin' on pimms. Next, seeing as I'm not wearing a dress I wanted to find the perfect spring top, embracing my bingo wings I saw this heart sleeveless blouse from Lovedrobe and it's so me. I'm in LOVE with it and definitely need it in my life to wear this Spring/Summer. It's super light and colourful and I love that it's not floral because you know EVERYONE and their pug puppies are going to be dressed in florals so this way I still feel all bright and ready for spring. Next is shoes, While I love a good flip flop in the park, I know we are going to end up playing frisbee or french bowls and I'm going to wish I wore flats so I've chosen this gorgeous bright pink peeptoe pump from Newlook! Perfection, I can even show off my pedicure! Next is making sure I'm not squinting and ruining my half hour application of eyeliner applied to perfection I might add, so glasses are a MUST and I always love a cat eye shape so I've gone for the gabrielle cat eye glasses in black from The Glasses Shop. Lastly, a decent backpackack is essential and I've chosen the Kanken mini from Fjallraven Canada. When me and the coolcats go for a picnic, I always bring my laptop for some Spotify tunage and this has an insert that keeps it separated and safe which I love! Then its time to ram it with your usual food and eating utensils and we always like to chuck in a frisbee and a pack of cards along with some suntan lotion, bug spray and don't forget those anti-histamines and some napkins in case hay fever strikes!

What are your top picks for picnics?

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  1. I'm loving this post. Do more like this again! <3

    www.nathalyjuarez (fashion&beauty blog)

  2. I love those shoes, but sadly most ballet flats don't stay on my feet! However I've found some of the fabric ones (rather than leather or faux leather) are better at staying put, so all is not lost ;-)


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