24 April 2015

New Natural Hair Treats with Yves Rocher | review

I was lucky enough to get sent some of the new goodies that have launched with Yves Rocher for hair and body! Yves Rocher is France's No.1 selling make-up and skincare brand so it makes sense they are bustin' out with some haircare products.

First up is the Delicate Cleansing Cream* £6.90 which is a non foaming, slightly thick cream which smells lovely. It's inspired by the 'no shampoo' method seen in the US, the cream uses organic hawthorn to protect the hair leaving it clean, soft and silky. Now personally I do prefer a shampoo with more clarifying properties, I put alot of products on my hair from texturizing spray's to hairspray to serums so when I wash my hair I always use 2 shampoo's, 1 to remove all that product build-up and the 2nd to really cleanse my hair and scalp. I never want anything too intense as I have chemically treated hair, and together with that I have green hair dye in it, so anything too strong would strip that colour, and equally a product without any moisture boosting or protein boosting properties won't be very helpful on my hair type. If you have normal hair, and would say you don't need anything fancy, this might be a lovely one to try as it really does smell great and it was a super light way to cleanse my hair. I just personally needed something a little more cleansing.

Next is the Raspberry scented Rinsing Vinegar *£11.30 which OH MY GOD... It smells like one of those childhood raspberry drinks! mmm

So other than the smell which to be honest, is a HUGE selling point for this, it's suppose to eliminate limescale and mineral build up which leaves the hair ultra shiny and smooth. Who doesn't want shiny smooth hair?! Now I still used my normal conditioner but the first few times I used these two products together and did find my hair was noticeably more tangly than normal when I combed it through. I didn't really notice a huge shine or that it was smooth but due to my type of hair, this type of product would be more beneficial on hair that isn't damaged or dry like mine. If your hair is coloured and in good condition then I'd have no fear about using these. It didn't effect my colour at all!  Both of the products are sillicone, paraben and sulphate free and are composed of 98% natural ingredient which might please all the 'natural product' girls!

I then used my normal shampoo and conditioner and followed up with using the rinsing vinegar and it wasn't tangly at all and I found after using my hairdryer and straighteners to get it nice and poker straight It did have an extra shine to it. So it made me wonder if it was just the cleansing cream, with it not having any boasting moisture properties if that's why my hair was feeling notty the first few times using these together.

Hair products are similar to skin products in the sense that while they might be good for one person, they aren't always good for another. You wouldn't tell someone with oily skin to use this super intense moisturiser as it wouldn't work out well, where as on dry skin it might be amazing. It's the same with hair. Using products that boost shine wont work as well on dry and damaged hair as the hair cuticle is damaged and needs moisture and protein first to fix whats on the inside of the cuticle before fixing the outside and giving it shine.

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