10 February 2015

Repair Rehydrate & Restore | review

Words can't describe all the feels I have for Arganesse...

So Arganesse * (RRP $96) isn't just just 1 ingredient in a bottle. For centuries Moroccan oil has been used to protect hair and skin. Argan oil is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids and that alone will hydrate and leave hair feeling silky, shiny and frizz free but it can also be a bit too much and leave hair a bit greasy so Arganesse set out to create a formula to eliminate the oiliness while retaining the argan oil's restorative properties and by blending argan oil with a combination of complementary ingredients it resulted in their formula.  Arganesse boasts everything about their brand and product is designed to deliver a luxurious experience no matter the hair, be it thick or thin, curly or straight, coarse or fine and I think they have done an amazing job on this formula.

Arganesse is certainly on the expensive side in terms of what I'd spend on a treatment and that's coming from a hairdresser that would drop serious pounds on hair products if they work. Straight away upon opening the box I was wowed, the bottle came with this silky green bag and the bottle design is absolutely stunning with its yellow ombre'ing to green to dark green not to mention it's a 100ml which is going to last me ages! 

Arganesse smells gorgeous ( god please don't ask me to describe it haha ) and I've been applying it after I shampoo and condition my hair, comb it through and I apply about a 50p piece into my hands ( I have quite thick hair so maybe 20p if you have fine hair ) and work it into the hands running it between my fingers, then applying it to my hair focusing it on the mid-lengths to ends and running my fingers through my hair, really getting the product into the ends, then grabbing it like I was going to tie it in a pony-tail making sure the hair is coated in the oil and then proceeding to take it through to the roots after the majority of the product has been distributed. I also apply this oil as a serum after I finish blowdrying or straightening my hair, It's perfect to once again apply to the ends ( using less product this time now the hair is dry! ) and help keep the hair follicles lay flat making the hair look healthy and shiny. If I've curled my hair I'll also use this in my hands and use this as a serum again to run through the curls to break them up and not make them as defined.

I'm absolutely loving using this in my hair and I really notice a difference in my hairs texture when I style it. Do I think it's worth the price... maybe not. I'm sure other serums work just as well but this really is liquid gold for me at the moment!

Do you have a favorite hair treatment?

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