14 February 2015

If you love her then you should put a ring on it (giveaway)

I've bowed down, I've sung to the heavens and I'm here to do it all over again this valentines day and that's to share with you all my love for Harry Fay.

This year,  Harry Fay decided to be my valentine and my finger couldn't be happier. 

As a plus size woman, my sausage fingers have a hard time finding bling and Harry Fay makes that battle effortless with their gorgeous affordable jewellery. I'm wearing the Eliza Cluster Ring* (RRP £28) and I'm so in love with the ring it's unreal, I love the nine round cubic zirconias, they are so sparkly! It could pass as an engagement ring. It looks like it costs a fortune and the quality of the ring is flawless. I want all of them for Valentines Day but alas, Harry Fay, the little minx decided I wasn't enough for Valentine's and they wanted to be YOUR valentine too so they've decided to let me run a little giveaway to win a ring of your choice!

So for my single ladies, for my married ladies and all of you who are waiting for him to put a ring on it, stop waiting and go check out Harry Fay, enter my giveaway and use and abuse my fabulous 15% offer put your own ring on it!

This competition is UK only
You must be following me on Twitter, Bloglovin', Facebook and instagram and Harry Fay on Twitter for your winning entry to count. 

I always reply to all my comments & will always return the favor.
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  1. ESTERI Silver Ring
    GEORGETTE Silver Ring
    TIAMO Silver Engagement Ring

  2. I love the CORA Silver Ring, the TUTTI Silver Ring and the SAGARA Silver Ring! Thank you for the lovely giveaway and Happy valentine's day!

  3. Such a beautiful ring, good luck to all the entrants!


  4. Tiamo silver engagement ring, Alpin siver ring, Georgette silver ring

  5. AMIRRA Sapphire Silver ring, FREA Sapphire Silver ring & GEORGETTE Silver ring

  6. Hazel silver ring
    Georgette silver ring
    SaCha sapphire silver ring

  7. Sevanti silver ring
    Blanca silver ring
    Jasmyn silver ring

  8. That is really, really nice... so many stick out like knuckle dusters, looks quite low profile from those pics

  9. ooohhh so much choice!!! I think I have picked my 3 :/

    GEORGETTE silver ring
    TRIA Silver Ring
    ZARIA Silver Ring

    SO lovely!!! :)

  10. My favourites are probably;
    - ERI Silver Ring
    - GEORGETTE Silver Ring
    - ORCHID Silver Ring

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  11. I like the GEORGETTE silver ring, SEVANTI Silver Ring and GINA Silver Ring

  12. Oh these are so pretty.

    I love the Amore silver solitaire ring, the Eliza silver ring and the adoria silver ring.




  13. Pretty, will have a look at the site!

  14. Amore silver ring, the Eliza ring and the Gina silver ring - I LOVE RINGS :) xx


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