20 February 2015


It's that time of the month again where I share with you my amazing monthly advertisers..

 Chubby Cheesecake // http://www.chubbycheesecake.com
My Name is Jorden, I’m 32, live in sunny essex with my husband Mr W and fur babies. Chubby Cheesecake is my excuse to buy excessive amounts of beauty products under the pretence that I am “Reviewing” them. I have worked in the cosmetics education industry for over ten years, and this blog is the place I share everything I have learnt. I look forward to welcoming you, just remember to wipe your feet xx

 Mookie's Life // http://www.mookieslife.com
I'm Mookie, a Norwegian living in UK. I'm a plus size woman with love for colourful and bold clothes as I don't want to hide despite my size. I started this blog as a diary to go back on and see all my different outfits. I would love it if you came to read my blog and please leave a comment as I love interacting with new people.  X Mookie

Harry Fay // www.harryfay.co.uk

Have you ever had a problem finding a nice ring in a size you need? Most of us have and we decided to something about it. Harry Fay Jewellery Boutique is a family shop offering rings in all sizes from size G up to size Z+4. Please visit us, get yourself a ring, just have a browse or say "hello!". Thank you and welcome!

I currently have a giveaway with Harry Fay to win any ring of your choice!

 Leah XL // http://www.leahxl.com/

Hey I'm Leah. I'm a plus size fashion and beauty blogger and YouTuber living in the East Midlands. I create posts about things I like, things I buy, things I have saved money on and things I would love in the future. I hope that by going to my little space on the internet you will find things you like and hopefully I can help you to save money on things too. I also organise a number of plus size related events Style XL and Model XL. Go check the out too.

 Satchels & Pearls // www.satchelsandpearls.com
Satchels & Pearls is a plus size fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel blog written by Michelle, an almost thirty year old blogger living in West Yorkshire. Satchels & Pearls began almost two years ago, and has grown from strength to strength. Satchels & Pearls is soon to be an expat blog, following Michelle's life when she moves to China. Why not follow Michelle on her adventures?

If you are interested in becoming one of my monthly advertisers you can check find out all the info here. Packages start from as little as £2!

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