3 February 2015

Calypso Beauty Brush | Review

When it comes to taking our makeup off, some of us like a cloth and others a brush, so I thought I'd try the Calypso Beauty Brush from Spontex and see if having all these heads made it the beauty brush to have!

So no matter how we clean our faces, we can all agree that nothing feels better than doing your skincare routine and having your skin feel clean and amazing! The Calypso Beauty Brush* (£39.99) by Spontex has been in my beauty cupboard for well over 2 months now and due to moving the review is a little late but it just means I've been able to use it for longer!

The brush itself comes with 4 changeable heads:

The body brush - which is perfect for using all over, I just squirt a ring on the brush and use it in the shower, admittedly it's not for those that like to be in and out as of course while your holding it to your skin and moving it around it does take a little longer rather then speedily using your current wash cloth to scrub away quickly, but it's always nice for the squeaky clean and through body wash.

The Face brush - I use this after I've taken off my eye make up and cleansed my face, I'll add a bit of the cleanser to the brush to help get that really deep cleanse on my skin. If I'm honest, I found this brush a little harsh on my skin, the brush itself, while the speed is fine, I found it wasn't as fast as my other brush from no7 and I found this dragged a little on the skin which caused a tiny bit of redness. Now for those that like an abrasive scrub then you will be fine with this, but if like me, bit of a pansy when it comes to sensitive skin on the face, then this might not be your cup of tea either.

The Face Sponge - It's only in the last 2 weeks I've actually really enjoyed using this sponge, I originally had been using this with my facial lotions and creams to help buff it into the skin but as the face brush was a bit too much on my skin, using this with my cleaner was PERFECT so really loving this one!
The Pumice - I love the pumice, my feet love the pumice! haha, I did wish it was a little bigger but obviously that's just because the majority of my feet look like they need a pamper. I feel it could of worked better if the brush head itself spun faster and if I'm honest, I'd sooner take one of those foot files to it then this as I did feel this wasn't as harsh as I needed it to be but still a great brush to have for those who maybe already have nice pampered feet and want to keep it that way.

All in all, the fact you can use it in the shower as its waterproof, it's pretty and has 4 heads does make it the more affordable out of all the facial brushes on the market so is definitely worth looking at if you are thinking of getting a multi-function beauty brush!

What do you use when cleaning your face? 

* This item was gifted for a review. The review is 100% my own opinion.

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  1. Nothing is better than doing your skin routine! And that beauty brush looks amazing and very efficient. I'll be on the hunt for this! I haven't used any face brush or anything like that on my face surprisingly! I was going to get the mia2 a long time ago but I've never gotten the chance and it's expensive! But this one seems to work as well as the mia face brushes (if not, better, considering its price!)


  2. This sounds like a really great product, and one of the cheapest beauty brushes I've ever come across xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  3. This looks like such a brilliant brush. I love that it comes with lots of brush heads, to target different areas of the body. xx

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK


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