8 February 2015

Battling it all with Yves Rocher

After being recently introduced to the brand Yves Rocher I can say with confidence I've been impressed  from the start. I was delighted when these treats came through my door as someone must of known my body was in need of a pamper!

 Long-lasting moisturising hand cream * (£3.90) - Sadly due to allergies I was unable to try this which I was gutted about as arnica extract is known for its soothing properties and with the weather being so cold it always plays havoc on my skin, this would of been perfect to keep in my bag or at my desk to keep my hands soft!

Silky Cream with Organic Oats * for body (£13.50)  - I wouldn't normally say I'm an oaty person but I really like the smell of this! It's so moisturising on the skin so it's been lovely having a shower and drying off and applying this all over my wobbly bits! I love that I can instantly feel the softness of my skin after using it, especially when the legs are shaved and one is getting into clean crisp sheets! *heart eyed emoji*

 Anti-fatigue Iced Gel * with lavender and peppermint for legs and feet (£5.00) - Hands down, this is just... Love. The Yves Rocher had me in mind when they made this as despite not being a worker on my feet all day anymore, my lil feet still need a pamper and as someone who struggles with bad circulation, I'm always giving my legs a massage and this iced gel is the business. I wouldn't say it tingles a hell of alot, but I was quite excited when I saw the words lavender and peppermint and it does give my feet and legs a light cooling sensation after a warm shower making them feel cool and rested so this gets the big thumbs up from moi!

Coconut-scented Fizzy Bath Cube * (£1.50) - This is another I couldn't actually try which is a shame as I do love a bath product! The cube sounds lovely from the site, I know coconut is great for the skin and smells wonderful if you happen to be a fan of coconut, this will be a real treat for you! Sadly, I'm allergic so I think I shall just have to organise a little giveaway with Yves Rocher for these other bits so stay tuned for that!

Have you tried anything from Yves Rocher?

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  1. I've only tried a deodorant and a perfume from Yves Rocher, but it seems like they have an interesting selection of products to try.. unfortunately they closed down the Yves Rocher stores in Lebanon :(

  2. I love body products that come in those types of jars with the lids...makes everything feel so fancy. :-)

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  3. I've never tried anything from Yves Rocher, but I love the sound of it :)


  4. I am a recent convert to Yves Rocher and their nail varnish is really good!!! :)


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