12 January 2015

Taking a stand with Simply Be

In the spirit of Body Confidence in all sizes, specifically a larger one, I thought I'd bust out the legs today. Not because that's body confidence, but because I should be able to because I HAVE body confidence..
I've never been a girl to play by the rules, Fashion rules or otherwise. I hate people constantly stating how a plus size woman shouldn't wear X, Y or Z because it's not "flattering" or because it doesn't "do anything for their shape". The way I see it, I can cover it up to hide it, or I can embrace it and sometimes I'm all for shoving on some spanx and sucking it in and feeling like I'm a size smaller for a night but then I get home and I rip off my spanx and reality sets in and I remember I DO have cellulite and I do have wobbly bits and that's ok. I've worn this dress with tights and it hides my cellulite on my legs a little and looks more flattering but if I'm honest, I LOVE these pictures, flabby wobbly cellulity legs and all, and that comes from being confident in my own skin, It's a confidence I've always put out there, sometimes its real and otherdays it can be a front but today, it was real. Today I felt amazing and what better way to celebrate then to take a stand and get my legs out for you in this gorgeous Simply Be Kelly Brooks dress*.

Dress - Simply Be*
Necklace - Primark
Nails - Courtesy of Toop & Daily*
Chain Bracelet - Steamchain*
Bead Bracelet - Glowbeads*

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