11 January 2015

Selfridges Haul with MAC & Charlotte Tilbury

Before Christmas I had a little Selfridges splurge and with everything happening in December sadly my haul has been sitting in my scheduled posts for some time SOOOOOOO I figured I'd start January off the right way with showing you all the lovely bits I purchased!

I know I'm not alone when I say I get drawn to any warm brown colour that can go on my eyelids. Having brown eyes, coppers and browns were always a go to for me growing up and it's not been something I can shake. I have seen so many bloggers talk about the CT colour chameleon eyeshadow pencils and the rock 'N' kohl pencils that it was high time I tried them for myself. As you can see from the swatches above the colour chameleon eyeshadow pencil in 'dark pearl' is absolutely gorgeous. It blends effortlessly and It can be worn as a eyeliner pencil, the whole lid coloured or filled and smudged for a softer look. I'm still playing around with eyeshadow primers so when I find the one that makes it last the longest I'll edit this here but for the most part it lasts maybe 3/4 of my 12 hr shift which isn't too bad. The rock 'N' kohl eyeliner sadly doesn't rock my world as much as it does other bloggers, while I agree it doesn't drag on the lid and it's creamy texture is perfect for application, it never seems to stay put. Is there a technique I don't know about or am I just expecting a lot out of a pencil? Either way, I do like how it applies but I just wished it lasted longer.

I posted a picture on Instagram that sparked several conversations about what your favourite MAC Lipstick shades were and there were some amazing shades recommended that I'd never even knew existed but I did come home with 3 and I love each and everyone. I'll start with Pink Pigeon as it's bright pinkness does blend in with a lot of bright pink lipsticks I already have but I had looked and candy yum yum and despite its iconic bright florescentness I swatched pink pigeon beside it and I preferred it as I knew I'd wear it more. Then I'd have to say it was violetta which is this gorgeous dark electric purple that is just gorgeous. It's more pinky then Milani - Sangria which is my usual go to vamp purple colour and I am in love with this shade! Lastly, my favourite of the 3 is snob. I'm not really a pastel kinda girl but there is something about this colour. I have had so many compliments while wearing it, it's become my everyday go to shade lately. This will definitely be a repurchase once it runs out.

Here are the 3 colours on my lips, and a makeup look below using the new eyeshadows plum dressing and nocturnelle with the rock 'n' kohl eyeliner for this pinky purply smokey look. 

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  1. Wow you got some many goodies! All of them lipstick suit you so well :)

  2. Oh Lucie - I'm sooooo jealous - those colours are amazing! I'm on a spending ban! :(

  3. The bottom colour is perfect! I've been hunting for a lipstick shade like that for awhile now, I think I need to pay my local MAC a visit (I'm a MAC virgin) x

  4. Fab haul! I do not own enough Mac products, definitely need to pick some up. I got a Debs voucher for christmas, so need to have a splurge I think :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  5. Thank you so much for this post I've been looking for a lipstick colour in the exact shade that Mac Violetta is and didnt know where to get it from xxx


  6. Wow such a great haul! I'm really sad they don't stock CT here in the Czech Republic as I would really love to get some of her stuff!

  7. Love them lip colors!! The look great on you!!

  8. The CT Dark Pearl is gorgeous! These colours are perfect for you :)

    Rachael x | N o v e m b e r S t o r m s |

  9. I really love those shades! I have so much pink to my skin that purple looks bizarre on me so I always stay away.

    xx Amanda | teatimetails.com

  10. Such a good haul, love all the products especially the dark lipstick :)



  11. What a great haul!
    the mac lipsticks look lovely and you suit them all :)

    Melissa || www.vintagemelissa.co.uk

  12. These shades are gorgeous <3 love the deep plum x


  13. I can't wait to try out some Charlotte tilbury products. Some of the eyeshadow quads are gorgeous. I love the mac violetta on you it looks awesome =^_^=

  14. Last year I was deciding between MAC's Angel and MAC Snob - ended up with Angel but I should have opted for Snob as the frost finish of Angel doesn't translate well on my lips. :/ Oh and thank goodness they made Pink Pigeon Permanent. :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  15. You've picked up some amazing things here and I love the Lip Colours!

    Hannah | hannerking | a beauty and lifestyle blog xx

  16. Such an amazing haul! I love snob but whenever I go to MAC its always out of stock :'( I love violetta such a gorgeous shade! The eyeshadows look gorgeous aswell, I love purple toned eye shadows atm :) xo


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