23 January 2015


When I think of what I want from a bra, I think of support, comfort, a cute design and an epic cleavage! These are the 4 key things I want when I'm buying but for almost a year now, the first thing that's important is ' Is it from Curvy Kate? ' because that's all my boobs want now...

Today's post features Curvy Kate's Tempress Bra* ( sizes 30 - 40 D - J ) and I'm in love. This is such a beautiful bra, It's cute and girly yet seductive and sexy all at the same time. Where I've been losing weight since July last year Curvy Kate have been there every step of the way with measuring and making sure my boobs are well looked after and they never disappoint. I found I was getting a bit of pinching on the sides and it turns out, the bra was too big for me so off I went to get re-measured with my Curvy Kate ladies and from August 2014 at a 42D I'm now a 40/38F! It's been amazing having that support quite literally when getting new bra's as the girls are always happy to re-fit me and let me try on loads of different bra's till I've found the right one. I was lucky enough to get to go upto the Curvy Kate head office and be a little guinea pig for testing the new daily boosts and let me tell you, they are AMAZING. I'll always be drawn to a slutty pretty bra and with Curvy Kate there really is something for everyone! I know my love for Curvy Kate will be everlasting and I know I'll be revisiting their head office for more collaborations in the future so my fellow bra loving girlies, If you haven't checked them out, do and stick around because you will be hearing a lot about Curvy Kate from me this year! :)

What's your favourite bra brand?

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  1. I've never got fitted for a bra so I am sure I could be wearing wrong sizes at times, definitely need to do that soon. Love this gorgeous red bra, look so delicate x

    Beauty with charm

  2. This is such a gorgeous bra. I think I need another fitting, its been a while since my last one and I just want to make sure I'm still wearing the right size! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  3. Gorgeous bra! Shame it doesn't come in a K cup though!


  4. Lovely bra and it makes such a difference being fitted and wearing the right size! xx

  5. Such a gorgeous bra! I must go get fitted properly. I never do :/ bad me!

    Rachael x | N o v e m b e r S t o r m s |

  6. What a fab post!! So glad I found your blog on twitter. As a rather busty girl I find myself struggling to find bras that are reasonable, comfy and yet practical!

    Kay, ohkay-dohkay.com xx

  7. This bra is lovely, I've gone up a few sizes recently so Im on the lookout for some nice bars for larger boobies!

    Emma x
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