5 January 2015

Being a FAT Beauty featuring Bra's Galore | Fashion

So I'm back with my 'Being a FAT Beauty' series and today, Bra's Galore are helping me send that message that beauty is sizeless, that you don't have to hide your curves and just incase you didn't believe me, I'll show you..

Just like a house, you need a good foundation to build it on and for me, starting my day off the right way doesn't mean eating a good breakfast or going for a run. It's matching underwear.

I am absolutely in love with the Elomi Rita Multiway Banded Bra*(44E) and Panties*(4XL)the colour, for starters is this gorgeous royal blue that is the perfect shade for all skin types. It's from Elomi's glamorous collection and boy does it feel glam! The bra has scalloped opaque sheer inserts in the cup which I find adds to the allure.. especially when I'm wearing it in the bedroom for James.. there I said it. haha. The bra also has a moveable hook which allows for the back to be converted into a racer back style. The bra itself is both gorgeous and comfortable. I find it supportive and with it being satin, It feels super sexy! The panties are a great size and sit perfectly, I hate buying a pair thats too short it has to sit under my tummy, I like to simon cowel my shit so it sits nice and helps keep me all in but that's just me. I found everything true to size, When I chose my bits It was before I started my diet and I will say I have definately dropped a few back sizes, so I think for my next Elomi purchases I'd be going for a 40E.

So how do you get the confidence to wear what you want over your newly purchased sexy matching underwear? It's simple, you open your wardrobe, pick what you want to wear and simply wear it. I hate feeling like I have to cover my curves with an oversized top, not so long ago I did think that way but now, I have a love for bodycons, I embrace my wobbly bits and I encourage you to wear something that shows your shape. If I wanted to hide it, I'd wear a black bin liner! Here are some outfits from 2014 that cling to my curves and some might say aren't flattering but me, I think they rock!

 The power is knowing your shape and how you can style it and when I saw this on Pintrest I HAD to add it to my body confidence board!

Learn your unique shape, select the best   styles that flatter your figure & tips on what to wear for your body   type.

Marie wrote 6 plus size fashion rules to break right now and the post is AMAZING and you should all go read it HERE. As with my last post, Here are my favourite body confidence pins on my pintrest that you can have a peek at!
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  1. I loved this post Lucie! You are looking gorgeous and I especially love the dark blue dress in the middle of your photos-
    X ChicStrawberry X

  2. Great post, you look GORGEOUS. There's a nail polish over on my blog that would look great with your sequin dress. xxx

  3. The polka dot dress you're wearing in your photos looks amazing on you! xx

  4. Lovely post Lucie, I agree, why would we need to hide our curves? I have my 'lumpy' bits but I don't try to hide them with a large oversized jumper or baggy jeans! Love your fluffy pink cardi too.

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  5. Love your look! Gorgeous <3


  6. So beautiful! Love this series so much xxxx

  7. Great post, Lucie.
    I had received helpful tips before on how to dress for my body type, except I can never seem to find something that I like and find flattering on me. I think it is because I don't actually know my body type. Sheesh.
    by the way, that first dress, the wrap, looks amazing on you.

    Angie x |~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog ~

  8. Love this post! Royal blue is always a shade I've stayed away from because I'm worried it will wash out my color but now I feel inspired to strut around in some RB panties. Thanks for posting the shape guide!

    xx Amanda | teatimetails.com

  9. This reminds me of my housemate. She ALWAYS wears matching underwear. EVERY DAY. When we went on holiday for 2 weeks, she took 15 bras and 15 pairs of pants! I think it's madness haha. She's not organised in other aspects of her life so I find it funny.

    Corinne x

  10. I definitely think a sexy pair of underwear makes you feel on top of the world! I think your outfits rock too, honestly I admire every single person who has the confidence to wear bodycon as I always wimp out last minute, if you feel good you look good!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  11. I wish I had the confidence to do this, you look a-m-a-zing!! Go on Lucie!! and I loved the helpful tips with it :)

    Jo xx


  12. great post.
    Chinella x

  13. Ya fittie! That blue suits you so well and you are schmokin'! xx

  14. I love the idea of matching underwear but when M&S have such good offers on their knickers but never matching sets I always end up with a million pairs of the same black pants! I agree though, it does boost inner confidence. I might wear matching today, yay!

    Simone | Simone | Thirty Something OAP


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