20 December 2014

New Nails on the block feat Coloristiq | Beauty

I'm a huge fan of Lovefilm and Netflix, Something about having movies on demand and being able to have films sent to you for you to watch and then send them back so that more from your favourites list can be sent out makes me feel like I'm getting alot more then I'm paying for, It's such a shame a service doesn't exist that's similar but with nail polish... oh wait, there is...

Coloristiq is the first multi-brand online rental service that launched in October 2014 wanting to do for nail polish what Netflix and lovefilm do for DVD's. It's combines the likes of a monthly subscription box like Birchbox or Glossybox and a rental service like Lovefilm all in one. This way you get new nail polish to your door, use them and send them back in time for new ones to be sent out!

Coloristiq was born out of the frustration of women who like painting their nails at home, they wanted to have access to professional quality nail polish that could be delivered to their door but they didn't want to waste owning or buying full bottles. They even have a special quiz which I want you guys to try, see how many "Yes" answers you get!

- Are you always on the hunt for the latest nail polish collections but you are tired of buying endless bottles of nail polish to only use them a few times before they dry up? YES.

- Does your bathroom look like a nail salon with some bottles that you’ve only used once? YES.

-Do you not remember the last time when you finished a whole bottle of nail polish? YES.

- Do you regularly throw away nail polish bottles that are still half full because you simply got bored of the colour or it got gloopy? YES.

- Have you bought nail polish that ended up looking differently on your nails than you thought? YES.

 - Don’t you want to try nail polish before you buy the whole bottle? YES.

- Don't you just wish you could exchange one colour for a different one after one or two applications? YES.

I don't know about you but I answered "Yes" to all of them and it turns out in the survey they conducted back in August 2014 more then 60% of the women had admitted to actually throwing away nail polish that was half used because it lost its quality or they got bored!

With Coloristiq you are able to make a wishlist from a wide collection of salon quality nail polishes like Essie, OPI, China Glaze and Morgan Taylor. The site layout is so easy to navigate allowing you to browse via brand, colours and right down to the very type of polish be it glitter or shimmer! 3 nail polishes will be sent out to you and you can use them for 9 paintings, that's 3 applications per bottle for the month. Once the bottles are returned ( for free I might add! ) they send out the next 3 shades and it really is that simple! When I first heard the concept I thought it was brilliant. How many times have you gone to apply a colour and found it half dried up and gloopy? I know I've chucked a few away before but with this concept its literally like having a salon at your own home!

In terms of benefits, Coloristiq really have thought of everything. They teamed up with the best salon nail polish brands and hand picked the trendiest colours to form their collection for you to choose from when building your wishlist. It's giving you the chance to try shades you normally wouldn't, Get to take advantage of the ones you need for that one special occasion and save you going out and buying it for 1 application. I know price wise it's a great value for money, I can't justify £8-£14 on a new nail polish every month, especially if I'll only use it a few times so for just £14.49 a month you are getting 3 applications from 3 different colours, It's a great value if you compare it against going to a nail salon! Not to mention if you sign up before Christmas using my special "Beauty1" code you can get your recurring subscription each month for just £9.99 instead of £14.49!

I love all the extra detail coloristiq take before sending our their boxes, they understand how frustrating it is to open a bottle of nail polish only to find its too dry to paint your nails or the brush is wonky. Each bottle is closely inspected before being sent out to ensure you enjoy painting your nails and that the colour will last a long time. After you return each bottle, It's carefully sanitised too so you know your receiving your bottles to the highest hygiene standards. What's great is that if you forget to send them back, you get a friendly reminder email and say for example you get a gorgeous red shade and it will go perfectly for a special occasion next month, you can keep the colours longer and once you return them you will be sent your next 3. AMAZING!

So enough about what they do and who they are.. Time to open my Coloristiq December box* and show you what's inside!

This is how my box arrived, Perfect to fit through a letterbox so don't worry if you're not home, your polishes will be eagerly awaiting you to use them when you get home. Inside your box you will have a sticker at the top explaining the steps you need to take to send your polishes back, your postal sticker will come in the box too so when you're ready to send them back the hard work is already done for you. The polishes come in these protective wraps which is brilliant as you wont need to worry about any breakages when opening your box each month! You just stick the return label over the front of the box following the guidelines given and as the postage is paid you can just pop it into your nearest red postbox! Simple!

China Glaze 'Tip Your Hat', China Glaze 'I'd Melt For You' and China Glaze 'Midtown Magic'

China Glaze 'Tip Your Hat' - Which is a gorgeous creme red, in some lights it can look lighter but it sits as a red with burgundy warm tones. Perfect for this time of year!

China Glaze - 'I'd Melt For You' which is the the perfect metallic silver, It's super shiny and you can hardly see any lines which is actually really rare for a metallic.This is a great solid silver to use if you do alot of nail art! The colour isn't wishy washy and this was after one coat so really impressed!

 China Glaze - 'Midtown Magic' is like a darkened burgundy brown with loads of flecks of glitter that shimmer red, orange and gold and even a bit green! Words cant describe what a gorgeous colour this is, here's a picture with and without flash but just UGH I love it! (( I think on my middle nail it was more of a 2 coater and the rest are 1 coat as that nail is darker then the others where I've obviously gone in with too much polish :P ))

When I opened my package from Coloristiq I was gutted there wasn't a pink but it hit me that I ALWAYS buy pinks, in here were 3 colours I'd never purchase myself but after swatching, I absolutely love them all. Midtown Magic is absolutely GORGEOUS and it will go perfectly with my new dress from Boohoo which you will see in another post.

Is it worth the £9.99 ( if you subscribe before Christmas day) YES. YES YES YES!

What do you think of Coloristiq? Will you be joining? Please let me know if you do in the comments!

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  1. I love Coloristiq! The shades you got are really lovely, especially Midtown Magic - so unique! :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  2. I think it's a great concept, but not something I'd do myself as I have over 180 polishes but amazing for those who want to try shades before purchasing xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. This is such a unique but amazing idea! I never finish of a whole bottle of nail polish anyway so this system is so perfect for me. Great post lovely :)


  4. Such an interesting idea! Thank you so much for sharing :D



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