22 December 2014

Britney Spears Professional Haircare | Beauty

I think I can say with pure honesty, when I heard the words Britney Spears and Hair care range in a sentence together I did wonder if someone was pulling my leg. I wasn't even aware Britney was affiliated with hair or branding of that nature so when the opportunity came to try some of her new range that's being sold exclusively with Lidl I couldn't say no..

I'd like to think I've used a wide variety of tools and brands in the salons when doing hair over the years, and its no shock we all have our favourites. I personally have always used a Parlux hairdryer and GHD straighteners. As someone with frizzy curly hair, I always found the Parlux hairdryers sturdy and powerful to help blow dry my hair smooth and the GHD's quality from the plates to the shape helped me achieve both straight hair and 'GHD curled' hair. I would find sometimes using other straighteners that weren't as high a temperature would straighten the hair but it would be still slightly frizzy, after 10 minutes outside it would be fluffy and frizzy so I've never strayed from my holy grail hair products.

Now of course with all that said, today's post is talking about Britney's range of hair care products and I know it sounds a bit crazy, but it's a pretty well rounded range! The range is made up of 5 different hair brushes, a hair dryer, there's a pair of straighteners and mini straighteners ( good for travel ), a hot air styler and a multi-function styler which is pretty much all the tools you would need, Oh, and did I mention prices start at a very affordable £1.99!

I was kindly gifted the hairdryer* (£9.99) , Straighteners* (£9.99) and a brush* (£1.99) and after washing my hair, it was finally time to test them out! Now I know a lot of people would argue a product isn't good quality if it's cheap but £9.99 for a hairdryer is a pretty good deal. I found using it really easy, it wasn't too heavy and had a good grip to it. It had a loop to hang it, a defusser attachment ( for curly hair ) and an easy access filter at the back for when I need to clean it, so far so good! It has 2 heat settings and 2 power settings which is actually perfect If I want to style my hair curly I can pop on the defusser attachment and use the hairdryer on a lower power with a cooler air to help avoid a frizzy curl, and equally if I want my hair straight I can pump up the heat to high and get a powerful blowdry to help smooth my frizz before straightening. For the purpose of this I literally just rough dried my hair using the brush and didn't smooth it out as I really wanted to test the straighteners!

Sadly, I think this is where my songs and praises will stop as I wasn't impressed with the straighteners. You can see it has straightened my hair but its not sleek, its still very frizzy and this is with me going over the same section more then 10 times, It wouldn't last 5 minutes outside. Perhaps if you didn't have frizzy hair and it was a little wavy you might be able to get away with using this but for me, It doesn't give me the desired look and It's one of those things where I'd rather fork out for a pair of GHD's that I know will be able to take on my frizz. All in all, aside the straighteners I was really surprised by the quality of the brushes and the hairdryer and for the prices they are certainly worth looking at!

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  1. BRITNEY SPEARS HAS A HAIR RANGE?! WHAAAAT! The hairdryer sounds promising! xxx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  2. Ooh I might try the hairdryer, mine is so old and dying! I know what you mean about frizzy hair, although to be honest mine would go frizzy outside even when I had GHDs!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. For the price I wouldn't mind trying out the multi function styler, need something to curl my hair.

    I agree re. GHD's, I adore mine and couldn't imagine using anything else now! They are expensive but they are such a good quality, I have had mine for over 7 years and they are still as good as new, never had any problems with them.

  4. Haha I really wouldn't have thought that Britney Spears would be the best ambassador for a hair care range considering..but actually the hairdryer sounds pretty good! I've got similar hair to you naturally so I don't think i'll be straying away from my trusty GHDs anytime soon! xx


  5. After seeing this advertised on TV I was pretty curious about it so thanks for the review! :D


  6. Great post ! <3
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