11 November 2014

Smashbox Baked Fusion in Starburt | Beauty

I'd love to say I have mastered the art of contouring and highlighting but as a woman with a chubby face, Even I find I have off days and sometimes I don't want to bother but I still want something nice on my cheeks to give it a mini highlight and dimension and I find I've been loving Smashbox's Baked Starburst..

This is the first ever product I've owned from Smashbox, I've always wanted to try them so when the Smashbox Baked Fusion in Starburst*// £23 came through the door I practically jumped with excitement. The packaging was smart but I did find that the casing was unsteady, The blush powder sits in what seemed like a wobbly cardboard circle that sat in the compact and I think at £23, I'd of expected it to feel alot more sturdier if I'm honest. When swatching this on my hand I had to do several coats as its not very pigmented so when it came to applying this onto my cheeks I opted for my Real Techniques Blush Brush and swirled my brush round about 5 or so times and then applied this to the apples of my cheeks and up towards my cheek bone and into my hairline, I had to do this twice in the pictures and as you can see it's given me this warm golden colour on my cheek along with an illuminated reflection which is great when any light is hitting my face, you can see the shine and it just makes it look like my skin is literally glowing.

Although I'm really happy with the colour I did find the packaging a bit of a let down as it did make it feel more like a cheaper bronzed highlighting powder. I personally don't think its worth its price due to the packaging but as far as the product goes, I'd definitely be reaching for it in my draw!

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  1. This looks so gorgeous on you, really adds such a lovely bronzed glow to the skin. Shame about the packaging, I wouldn't be a fan of it either x

    Beauty with charm

  2. This looks so beautiful on you! It's got such a gorgeous glow but it also bronzes which is amazing!



  3. This looks amazing, and the glow really suits your skin! I'm a wee bit jealous, as I'm not sure it would look great on my skin. I'm very pale, and pinkish haha. Might be worth a try though!! :D

    Jemma xx

  4. I'm natrurally very pale but this looks like this may actually work for my skin! Might have to make a little splurge!

  5. This gives you such a gorgeous glow, wish I wash't so pale and could pull off these tones! haha

  6. I never bought anything from smash box, but this looks really good! I love the shimmery effect xx

    Tanya | www.missfavitta.com

  7. There's some really pretty shades here I'd love to try it. Xx

  8. This looks lovely on you! I really like the shade. But totally agree about the packaging, if I am paying so much for a product then I expect all aspects of it to be perfect! xx
    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  9. Can I have some tips? I havent mastered it at all, I'm actually very bad and still manage to shock myself every time I *TRY* and contour (yes, TRY!!). Your face is gorgeous!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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