17 November 2014

November Needs with Newlook| Fashion

Here are my November wants with Newlook, They've got some GREAT stuff at the moment regardless of the fact they have pulled their plus size range from in store and it's only available online. I still want it all..

Click on any of these below if you fancy being naughty and treating yourself :)

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  1. Oh New Look <3 I recently bought a coat from there, and it's reignited my New Look love, there's so much there that I really want at the moment. HOWEVER, I'm trying to restrain myself to pick some stuff up in the sales. The floral dress is just too cute though...!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  2. Love that dress with the gold sequins on top and the black on the bottom. I bought the same one last summer but with cream on the bottom. It is a bit too short but so lush xxx


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