13 November 2014

November Needs with Asos | Fashion

Month 2 of my spending ban and I've got wishlists coming out of chubby butt!  So come take a peek what I'm loving from ASOS this November. This isn't just plus size, I like to torture myself by falling in love with it all!..

Are you loving any of my November wants with Asos?

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  1. I love ASOS - I can never look because I can never afford! x

  2. Sadly I don't think any of your picks would suit me except the pastel green dress which is gorgeous. I also make wish lists AND fall for things that will never be made in my size :(

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

  3. Ooh you've picked out some lush pieces. I am LOVING ASOS at the moment. Currently trying to find something with buttons to wear on my masters graduation. Its tough!! xxx

  4. love the tartan top and the off the shoulder grease-esque tops! great choices!



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