1 November 2014

My Top Tips For Blogging | Lifestyle

Bloggers both new and old often wonder what it takes to be a successful blogger? For some its all about the numbers and stats, for others, while having lots of followers is great, It's more about the content and the message they are sending across, and for some its to eventually turn their blog it into a job and source of income every bloggers secret fantasy, and the one question they are all asking is what is the secret to being a successful blogger?...

I've had a few new followers on twitter asking me "Do you have any tips ? I'm new to blogging" and its not really something you can tweet back in 120 characters without spamming their twitter feed, So I thought It was time to do my own top tips for blogging. I know there are loads of these posts out there already but I wanted to share with you my top tips that I follow and what I found worked for me.

I love spending my mornings catching up with my favourite youtubers and checking out my bloglovin' feed. I love finding new blogs to follow and fall in love with and there are always certain things I instantly love about a blog and what I think can sometimes make or break a blog in terms of captivating others.

  • Content - What do you like to read about when browsing blogs? Think about that when you are writing your posts and when it comes to the content of the post, Don't just write a few words just so you can rush to get a post up, quality over quantity go into detail, let your personality shine through! If its a post about a wishlist, TELL us why you like them. You like this new pair of shoes? TELL us how you'd style it and let us get a sense of your style! Content is the very thing your that defines your blog. Your readers will be able to tell when you put time and effort into a post, that means they can tell when you have rushed it. Don't ever post up a post that you are not 100% happy with. For those stuck with bloggers block and need some post inspiration, check out these 50 blog posts ideas by Mandy Leigh, perfect to get those blogger juices a-flowin'.
  • Photos - I can't stress how powerful bad pictures are. If you are like me and you often download films or stream movies online, if its a bad copy or if it keeps glitching during the film not only is it super annoying but it can completely put you off of what you are watching. The photos you decide to post is just as important as the content. If you don't have photoshop or any fancy graphic programs you can use picmonkey to edit images. Sometimes all a picture needs is a little highlighting and contrasting or a quick little filter to make it look better. Once again, taking time with your photos, being creative and making them your own always adds to the allure. Thinking hypothetically there are 101 people reviewing a new MAC lipstick, how are you going to do it and make the post stand out from the others? Maybe swatch it? Maybe show us what it looks like on your lips as well as swatched on your hand. Maybe you have a similar shade by a cheaper brand, why not compare the two and show us if you found a cheaper dupe and which you prefer and why. Straight away you are providing great content with detailed pictures that go above and beyond just showing a picture of a new lipstick on your desk. It's sometimes going that extra mile that makes your post stand out.
  • Fonts - I completely understand wanting your blog to look good but there have been several times I love a blog but the font they choose to have it in is a swirly handwritten type and I end up highlighting the text and copy and pasting it into wordpad so I can actually read it. Words can't express the sheer ball-ache of the task which usually results in me not bothering to keep going back #SorryNotSorry. Keep it simple, and keep it readable
  • Blog Themes & Layout - I don't know what it is about layouts but there will come a time in every bloggers life when you will decide you want a layout that is 'clean' and 'fresh'. Being the creative sort, I often change my layout, colours, graphics, all of it, but for some html and css doesn't come easily. I personally found Elaine from Xomisse very helpful as she has tonnes of tutorials on how to customise your blog. Now if you are happy investing £20 or so on a layout, I always recommend etsy, If you join upto etsy with my friend code link you get £5 off your first purchase so your almost halfway there! Some of my favourite cheaper blogging layouts are here, here and here. I think also, talking themes. If you have lots of social media, try and keep them all the same picture, It may help ring bells if PR see the same picture and name.
  • Get social - I advertise my posts on Facebook, Google + & twitter. I'm part of several groups on google plus that have thousands of members so this helps boost my daily traffic. I also link my instagram upto my facebook and if you have tumblr too you can link that and that way you are getting yourself and your name and  your blog out there across all social media :) Now when it comes to tweeting, there are twitter chats which you can check out here along with using certain hashtags. For beauty posts I use #bbloggers #fblchat #beautychat  and for fashion I use #fbloggers #psbloggers ( because I'm plussize) #fashion.
  • Commenting - This may sound a bit silly but I'm a huge believer in the phrase "You have to be a friend to have friends" and I'd like to think by going round commenting on lots of posts everyday it then gets other bloggers coming to my page and checking my latest post out to leave me a little bit of love. So then by the time I get around to going back to theirs they have done a new post so I'll leave a bit of love on that one and by the time you know it, You have both inherited a new blog fan and supply each other with blog comments :) Spread the love ladies <3
  • Blogging pressure - There may come a time where you feel the pressures of blogging weighing down on you. I know its great to post daily or on X,Y and Z days but sometimes life gets in the way and we all have to remember that our blog isn't going anywhere, our lovely followers wont begrudge us a layin instead of posting our Sunday wishlist. Sometimes life is hectic and something has to give and there is nothing wrong with it being your blog. There is nothing worse than taking the fun out of blogging by making it feel like a chore. So the next time you feel like you never have any time for yourself, just take a step back and do something for you, schedule some tweets ( I use hootsuite ) and sit back with a film and when I go to start blogging again I've got a fresh mind and a rested attitude and I find my blogging flows easier.
  • Know who you are and do it on purposeUltimately there is no fast tracking to being successful overnight, there isn't a quick fix that takes you right to the top. You have to put in the hours and the effort, be true to yourself and let your personality shine through and if you do that, while using social media to put yourself out there and if you comment others and be social, You will soon grow your blog and the people that love it.

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  1. I have been following your blog from couple of months. Thank you so much for sharing these tips. I really loved them & they are pretty useful.

  2. These are really useful comments, thank you!

  3. I love this post, thank you for the fab tips!

    Laura x | http://pale-girl-reviews.blogspot.com

  4. Loved reading this. As a new blogger it gave me lots pf helpful tips thankyou :)

  5. Great tips! This will definitely help me too xx

    Jessica Anna

    A So Called Beauty Blog

  6. Great tips - the photo one is so important! There are so many blogs out there with really poor quality dark and unclear pictures and it definitely is a big put off !

  7. I just found your blog and wow! I love it! I love this post and think it is so useful! The photo one is key as seeing poor quality pictures puts me off and seeing different edits makes me wanna check out more posts! Also the commenting one is really important, I love checking new blogs out so I love it when I got a new comment from a new blog!



  8. Well we all know I'm also a huge commenter (although I'm now going through all your posts I've missed..SOZ) but I would agree with all these points. It takes a lot more work to blog these days, more than most people think!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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  9. These are really useful tips :) I've been blogging for a year now but took a few months break and am now really getting back into the swing of things! I have saved your post to my bookmarks for reference!

    http://nishoconnor.blogspot.co.uk/ xxx

  10. Fab ideas, I have also learnt not to worry about what everyone else is doing and concentrate on what I do best! x

  11. Love this post so much, you can never learn too much and I've definitely taken some ideas away. Thanks hun, great post!



  12. I find some of these are ones I really need to sort out!! >_< haha. I really hope to get better at photography all the time, not just technically but creatively too. Like you say it can get boring just taking the same type of photo everyone else is..
    Some fantastic tips, thank you so much! I think I may have to bookmark this :D

    Jemma xx


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