19 November 2014

Lara Lashes | Beauty

I was invited to Lara Lashes to get an eyelash extension treatment, and I wanted to share with you guys my experience and results and a little bit about the process and if its worth investing in...

Lara Lashes is a quick hop, skip and a jump from Clapham Junction Station and to say I was excited was an understatement. I was able to pick out the lash extensions I wanted ahead of time, It was a toss up between the Super Volume set where they use upto 3 lashes on each lash for triple the volume which are all the rage at the moment, or the Real mink fur luxurious set which are more of a natural looking lash where they use upto 300 lashes, these are cruelty free and are gathered by gentle brushing. As much as I love big lashes I knew I wouldn't be wearing eyemake up for the duration these lashes lasted so having anything too dramatic wasn't going to look right so I opted for the Real Mink Fur lashes. I'm really happy with how they turned out. They look so natural yet voluminous. I dare say I could of asked for more to make them look a little thicker but I personally think as an everyday eye, They look gorgeous!

In terms of the process, as you can see I was pretty comfortable in my cosy little area, some lash guards were applied under my lashes and the beauty technician started by just brushing my lashes with a clean mascara wand and begun attaching the hairs one by one, The process took around 2 hours and it was really relaxing, they were playing capital radio so it was quite upbeat and I think I'd of enjoyed it more if they were playing something a bit more mellow but, equally enjoyed getting my RnB on while having the treatment. My technician was really lovely and she had such a light touch, I fell asleep several times while she was doing my lashes, and it was so relaxing to just lay there and look forward to seeing the results.

When the lashes are applied, they are glued directly to another healthy lash so it really is an extension and not just glued onto the lid, that's what make them look so natural! Here is a before and after picture!

You can really see the thickness and volume the lashes have given while still looking natural!

All in all, I'd definitely think about getting lashes again, I know where winter is coming I'm reaching for a bolder lip and no eyemakeup so having lash extensions is perfect to give me that glamorous look with minimal effort!

The lashes themselves lasted 4 and a half weeks for me, They can last upto 6 weeks but I found where I sleep on my front, My eyes were resting up against my arm which aided with some shedding. I was giving lots of helpful advice before leaving and tried my hardest not to get them wet or directly put any products on them that would cause them to shed, when they did, it didn't hurt and it certainly hasn't taken any of my natural lashes out with it. Lara Lashes will definitely be seeing me again in the new year! 

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  1. What a difference, the finished result looks amazing. So natural but yet so much volume, you don't even need mascara with them on x

    Beauty with charm

  2. They do look really lovely on you! I think I would just be worried about shedding and that they would always end up in my eye! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. They look fab and really natural, just don't think I bear anyone messing around my eyes.

  4. These look amazing!!! i had them done and loved them for a few days but it wasn't a great experience for me. First of all I had to get the shorter size because i wear glasses and then they were poking my lid in a painful way. After 2 weeks I was seeing shredding and had "holes" in my lashes so i started using mascara again because it looked ridiculous! When the last one came off i was a happy person. Bottom line for me they look great but are not worth the hustle. I hope you have a better experience!!
    Alice | Alice's Beauty Madness

  5. My auntie gets her lashes done. They look so nice but I would NEED to put mascara on.. It would be a no brainer!! That's the only thing that puts me off :-(

    x x | daisydaisyxxo


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