22 November 2014

Khaki Layering | Fashion

I'm all about wrapping up for winter and I love my layers so busting out some dresses with my faux leather jacket and boots on the blog today..
This is the first item..aside a hat that I have tried from boohoo, This is their Jenna Cold Shoulder Dress in Khaki* in a size 24, I love the colour but I think the shape is a little off but I know boohoo are working on their plus size range so I shall try some other bits. This was an oversized dress and I'm sorry to say it was a bad choice for my figure as I found it shapeless and I found this particular dress very unforgiving as I've obviously got a tummy and one of those horrible muffin tops on top of my tummy even without jeans on so you can see everything in this dress even with spanx on so I dont think I'd personally wear this style dress from boohoo again as it really doesn't flatter my shape and as much as I don't like the picture without my jacket on, I felt I needed to show it as an honest review of the dress. So thankyou so much boohoo but sadly this one wasn't for me but I'm looking forward to the next item I get. Totally lusting after your pastel furr coat! *purrs* It's amazing!

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  1. I am so glad you done this review, I was looking at the same dress but in a different colour, think will give it a miss as I don't think it will be good for my shape,
    loving the boots and jacket tho :-)


  2. Aww I was looking at this dress too! Glad I read this before purchasing because my belly line would be totally obvious wearing that O_o. I love the jacket too!

  3. I agree with your reveiw on this dress, i ordered it too but sadley it wasnt my cup of tea either! You look lovely though with the leather jacket and boots x


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