20 November 2014

First Hat | Fashion

You are in for a treat my beauties because I NEVER wear a hat but today I thought I'd risk it for a chocolate biscuit and voila.. here is my OOTD...
Now, I'm not a hat girl. I hate hats. ok that's a lie, I love hats but hats hate me so I have to pretend I hate them first. Having a fat head means I look retarded in any hat and by any hat I mean sadly all hats. I'm not sure if its my several chins that I always feel get accentuated by wearing a hat or the fact I just look silly in one, but I will be damned to call myself a 'fashion blogger' and not have a picture of me in a hat.  

I must admit, this is one of the nicest hats that's ever stayed on my head as they usually go on, get checked out in a mirror and taken off quicker then you can say retard, There is something about this hat that magically makes me think me and hats might work so I figured I'd give it some respect and have a little post about it. 

This gorgeous Floppy Flannel Hat* in Berry is from Boohoo and was a lovely gift along with a dress I'll be featuring in another post. I wanted to wear them separately as I really wanted to pair this hat with my matching skinny jeans from Newlook along with my Simply Be Waffle Peplum Top and Kelly Brook's Crop Fluffy Jersey Top. Yes, You can call me Madeline,

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Imogen Floppy Flannel Hat alternative image

What do we think of me in a hat? Answers in the comments :D

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  1. Perfect for autumn/winter I do love berry as a colour. You look really cute in it as well. Xx

  2. Such a cute hat! Gorgeous shape and colour for winter, but also summer. Also a hug fan of boohoo! :)

  3. I. Love. It!

    I was dreaming about hats lately and thinking I might wear one in the winter. Keep my head snug. I can't wear bobble hats but I do suit hats in general.

    I love the colour of this hat and you look perfect in it x

  4. Hahah this post made me laugh so much. Hats hate me too!

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  5. I wasn't a hat girl either until I got one recently from H&M. Now I always try on hats and I love them!!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  6. Looking gorgeous as ever!! I'm gonna look at the boohoo line because of the shape/size of my head, I can't wear hats either :(

  7. I was going to buy a hat exactly like this today in black but I just don't suit them even though I wish I did :/! I love this colour xx

  8. i love this look on you is so fab! Ive been considering a hat lke this recently, but not sure what id wear it with haha xx


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