18 November 2014

Cheeky Poppins Clip-ons | Fashion

I'm all about pushing the boundaries with my accessories, a bold lip here, a bright coloured bag there and sometimes we all need a little more than a 'statement necklace', so when I discovered Cheeky Poppins I knew I was going to be a loyal customer..
I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer from Cheeky Poppins at the Bloggers Love Hub event I was hosting a few weeks back and let me just say, there was threatening of an 'accidental mugging' on her way out if she had any of her clips left because I wanted them all! I had already expressed a obsession  love for her Felicia* // £9  pom-poms clip-ons and she was very kind to grace my plain ole ballet pumps with these gorgeous wannabe bunny tails. You know when you get a new *insert thing here* be in a lipstick, haircut or bag etc and you cant help but feel extra cute/confident with it on/wearing it? Well clipping these little cuties give me an insta-squee because I can't help but melt at these adorable fluff monsters. Obsessed doesn't even come CLOSE! 

It was a bit of a running joke at the event with all the brands gifting me all their blue / teal things because they matched my hair and at the end Jennifer ran up to say bye and cheekily gave me these Tyler* // £12  clip-ons as they matched and I couldn't say no! These have a vintage vibe which I love, They are a leather turquoise tassel, a bit ruched and perforated and It's bang on trend at the moment, Jennifer recommend clashing it with pastels to give it an early Spring look to my shoe or wear with chocolates and berry tones to warm up the end of winter! I must admit this one isn't as "me" despite its gorgeous colour but I'm looking forward to incorporating them in a style so stay tuned for that!


I've got my eye on the AdaPennyJosephine and Dotty clips and it will only be a matter of time before I need a little heart shaped dish on my desk JUST for my clip-ons from Cheeky Poppins! All I need Jennifer to do is bring out a leopard print button and I'd probably stock up on 5 pairs of black pointy pumps from Primark on le pronto. fact.

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  Cheeky Poppins - Tyler

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  1. Aw they're so cute!! I love the little fluffy ones, the buttons and those chains are HOT!!

    Laura xxx

  2. Jennifer was such a sweet heart. She gave me Leopard print and they are to die for! Love your pics!
    Angie x

    ~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty Blog ~
    ~Zoeva Pink Elements Giveaway~

  3. They are amazing! What a great idea!

  4. SUCH a good idea, very easy way to jazz up some shoes!!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo


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