12 October 2014

The Library Of Fragrance | Beauty

How many times have you smelt something and wished " God I wish I could bottle that and wear it!", Some people love the smell of freshly cut grass, Others love fresh lavender on the pillow to help sleep better. Everyday smells can be so calming and familiar and it was only a matter of time before someone somewhere decided to give us what we want.

 The Library Of Fragrance is a new york based perfumery established in 1996 with a main trio collection of  'Grass', 'Tomato' and 'Dirt' and their mission was to capture beautiful everyday scents that surround us. They are literally a library with currently over 300 fragrances that smell as they sound, ranging from 'Jasmine' or 'Daisy' to the more unusual 'Marshmallow' or 'Fireplace' and even more unique 'Thunderstorm' and 'Sunshine', I don't know about you guys but I've often wanted a lil bottle of sunshine in my bag to get me through the day haha :P

Whats really special is I've been on their mailing list as a blogger for a while and had lots of fun answering lots of questionaires about the things I like that I'd like to smell a fragrance of, What would appeal to me more out of A,B or C etc, so to finally see the product, the packaging and all the scents that are avaliable now they have launched here in the UK and selling in Boots Stores now it's just amazing!

I am a huge lover of any citric smelling product, I love anything zesty in the shower to wake me up in the mornings and I often eat a clementine on the way to work and always find my fingers smell of them and the scent often wafts about for a while. I love the Library of Fragrance Tangerine* | link . It smells 100% like the Orange fruity pop lollipops you can get. 

It's smell of sweet orange brings a huge smile to my face, It lasts on the skin for about an hour and the scent certainly mellows and softens to a light sweet orange smell. I'd love to try the Lemon meringue, Sex on the beach and the Strawberry Ice cream next! Ps - Try not to eat me when you see me next!

What would you like to bottle up and smell?

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  1. Ah lovely, that bottle is gorgeous! And I'm sure it smells as good as it looks :-)
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Wow, that sounds so lovely! If I could bottle a scent, I would bottle chocolate-raspberry torte! Just typing that makes me want some :D


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