4 October 2014

Palmolive Naturals | Beauty

Palmolive have just launched a their new Naturals range which is based on 4 scents, Delicate Care* which contains Almond and Moisturising Milk, Mild and Sensitive*Irresistible Softness* which contains Black Orchid and Moisturising Milk and Pampering Touch* which contains Coconut Milk and Moisturising Milk.| Link

Out of all of them my favourite is by far the Irresistible Softness and it really did make my skin feel silky smooth and I loved the scent. As you guys all know I'm allergic to anything from the cocoa bean family so sadly I couldn't enjoy the Pampering Touch scent but my other half is enjoying smelling like a coconut for the both of us!

I love the formula of these shower milks, they work perfectly using your hands to get a creamy thick lather or with a fluffy sponge to get more of a bubble lather. The three I've tried all generally left my skin feeling soft and smooth to touch however I wasn't keen on the Delicate Care and Mild and Sensitive scents. I do like a stronger scent personally and found the Mild and Sensitive Milk had that clean as a baby scent which I'm not a fan of and the Almond in the Delicate Care wasn't a strong scent which I think could of been another winner for me had it been stronger. I know alot of people don't mind the smell of their shower gel but I always like a strong sweet one or a citrus one to wake me up, I have about 1/4 of the bottle left with the Irresistable Softness and that would probably be the only one I'd purchase but I think If you liked a lighter scent or if you enjoy that clean scent then you would love the other 2! 

Have you tried Palmolive's Shower Milks?

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  1. We always had Palmolive around the bathroom when I was a kid, so it always makes me think of my childhood!


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