24 October 2014

On The Hunt #1 | Fashion

So today is a start of a new type of post on my blog, It's something I do all the time but not usually something I'd share and I know I'm not alone when it comes to doing it. I'm on the hunt for a pair of ankle boots / waterproof shoes and 'On The Hunt' is going to show you my shortlisted pairs! Lets get shopping!
So before I start with the actually post, I'll just explain my crazy way of buying things if I'm on a mission to find a specific item. If you are like me, you want to do your homework first, shop around as my dad would say, so I like to open up several sites I think might stock what I want and I'll end up opening about 30 tabs *glances* I've currently got 10 haha, and I'll go through all the sites till I'm left with tabs full of items I'm  interested in, then I'll go back through them and get rid of any that didn't make the cut, I'm usually left with about 5 or 6 left and this is where I read the reviews, see if any bloggers have done a post on them, I'll check the price and if there are any offers or voucher codes for that site. Ideally I'm left with one and I can buy it and pray it was the right choice and then usually you will all see it on the blog sooner or later, but why deny you all those choices! haha I figured as I'm usually always on the hunt for something that I'd start sharing my top contenders with you and do a post.

So today, 
I'm on the hunt for Ankle boots / waterproof shoes!


These are all the contenders and I think it calls for a trip to Simply be for their wide fitting shoes! Do  you have a pair you're loving at the moment? More importantly..

Do you think you can help me on my hunt?

I always reply to all my comments & will always return the favor.
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  1. I love a classic Chelsea boot, although I'm considering getting into steampunk just so I can get a pair of these bad boys http://www.hushpuppies.com/UK/en-GB/Product.mvc.aspx/35617W/89207/Womens/Erika-Lonna-Dark-Red-Leather-Suede?dimensions=0

    1. Those look great! Not my style but I can see you rocking them haha :D

  2. I really love New Look's boots! They're such good value for money and always last really long! Always worth a purchase. Xx


    1. I got some boots from Newlook and they wern't all that to tell you the truth, It was a badly designed shoe where the heel was card and as you put you foot it it would scrape down the heel and then it would rub. Hardly wear them now :( xx

  3. Ankle boots are confusing me - a few years ago it was a massive no-no to wear them with a dress or skirts (at least it was amogst the people I know and work with!) and now it's all the rage and there are some that I lust after but I'm not sure if it's still a major faux pas or not... perhaps anyone reading this can help?

    My favourite are the sole dive monk buckle ones. I've got wide feet which makes finding shoes on the high street a complete nightmare but I have slim legs so finding wide fitting boots that aren't too large on the calves is also a nightmare!

    I think I'm really going to like the "on the hunt" series and have a "this or that" style post scheduled myself, how odd!

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. haha I think as with anything, Fashion trends come and go, I personally wear what I want, Obviously I bare in mind trends and whats coming into season but ultimately If I like it, I'll wear it. I think if you like the outfit then it isn't a faux pas. People will always have opinions granted.

      The sole dive monk buckle ones are lovely aren't they! Perhals if you have wide feet so you need that wider shoe but slim legs you want to avoid any boot thats above the ankle, so you benefit from the width in the shoe but your leg isn't being swallowed up by it if it was coming upto your shin haha.

      Glad you think you will enjoy the series, It was really fun putting it all together :D xx


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