10 October 2014

Navy Baby | Fashion

I usually dress my age, I love my bold prints and whacky colours and it's only recently now that I'm the right wrong side of 25 that I go to more dinners, or host more and have people over for dinner and If I'm really lucky, the other half wants to take me out on a date and I like to dress up and someone with my particular tastes, I find it quite hard as with bright hair and piercings and tattoo's it never looks right so finding a really classy outfit to wear in the evening that isn't too over the top has always been a little difficult.

Ann Harvey has just launched their collection with Bonmarcé and I've always thought of them as catering to an older generation so when I saw this gorgeous Lace and Georgette Dress with Bolero* | link , It looked so elegant and grown up, I couldn't wait to try it. The new collection features some really lovely pieces for sizes 16 to 32 and I must say, I'm in love with this dress. The Navy really goes with my current skin tone where I've got a bit of colour, and the lace detail is so pretty! It has a top lace panel and around the waist area you can see it changes to the chiffon and I find this really flattering on my figure. What I think is a great extra is it comes with a lace bolero which you can see above is easily taken off. It's great for those women who don't like showing their arms and equally to keep a bit warmer if worn in the evening. I've chosen some smart black peeptoe pumps and a faux pearl necklace to complete this look. What do you think? Belle of the ball or what?! haha.

Will you be looking Elegant with Ann Harvy?

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  1. Lucie you look gorgeous! I have just chosen something from Ann Harvey as I know the quality of their stuff is good and I wanted a new work dress. They aren't as young and hip as some of the stuff I usually like but they are definitely classic and for work that is exactly what I need.

    Lovely blog post - you do look very lovely xx

  2. So classic! This is gorgeous and you look lovely Lucie. It would also be lovely for a wedding aswell. You lookfab!

    Rachael x

  3. WHIT WOOOO look at you sexy lady!!! Looking lovely xxxx
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  4. I haven't heard of Ann Harvey, but I love cocktail dresses and evening gowns, so I'll have to check out her stuff! I look for any excuse I can to dress up, so I'm always adding to my collection of pretty dresses. This navy one looks really lovely on you. The color is so rich, and the lace adds even more elegance and glamour to it. I can see how it might look dowdy depending on how you style it, but I think that's true of most everything. I shop at stores that cater to women much older than I am, but that's because clothes are all about how you style them. I think the oversize pearl necklace keeps it really fun, too. It's grown up but certainly not frumpy. In navy, it'll be really versatile, too!

    <3 Liz


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