9 October 2014

Lucie is Loving what 'Lorraine Loves' | Fashion

lorraine kelly, fashion , plus size, blogger, uk, fatbeautyx

I love me a bit of Lorraine Kelly, She's recently become the Brand Ambassador for JD Williams and has a section on their website called 'Lorraine Loves' and I was kindly asked to review an item within a budget 

and I chose the Joanna Hope Blurred Spot Jersey Dress* | size 26Link I personally feel I could of gone down a size now that I'm losing weight and this is a generously sized dress. I think if I'm honest, a lot of the garments are not something I'd personally wear just due to my own fashion taste. JD Williams do have some great bits on there but I do feel some of them are for someone slightly older,  But I must say in the pictures, I look pretty cute and I'm actually really surprised and pleased with the look! 

I loved that it came past the knee, I loved the cross over and the roushing  is that even a word? at the side, It almost felt like one of the giant kimono dresses they wear in Japan only minus a dragons head or lotus leaf on it or something. It was comfortable and I felt great in it. It was one of those "On the hanger vs Off the hanger" items, where on the hanger, you pull a face and don't think it will look good and you try it on and you're like "omg I actually really like it on" and this was very much the case with this dress. The thick Lycra material was very forgiving along with the great cut of the dress. I just paired it with some large gold drop earrings from forever 21 and my black tote from LYDC and a cute pair of black kitten heels and voila! I think this could be a day look or an evening look if you smoke out the makeup and add a brighter/ bolder lip. Lovely!

lorraine kelly, fashion , plus size, blogger, uk, fatbeautyxlorraine kelly, fashion , plus size, blogger, uk, fatbeautyx

lorraine kelly, fashion , plus size, blogger, uk, fatbeautyx

 What do you think of my look, Would Lorraine love it on me?

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  1. I actually love this dress on you looks so classy! Oh la la work it girl xx

  2. I really like it and it's very similar to a dress I wore last weekend. I love the way you've styled it, but I'd probably go down the chunky boots and chunky cardi route. I love the colour scheme, it's really autumnal. x x

  3. I think you look absolutely gorgeous but I must tell you.. I DESPISE Lorraine. SOZ!!!!
    You still look fit xxxx
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo


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