11 October 2014

Coppafeel with October Birchbox | Beauty

Cattuer - Pink Clay MaskRRP£4.25 100ml
I'm really looking forward to trying this later on today, any mask with shea butter and peppermint in it has my vote. I know the shea butter is going to really nourish my skin and that peppermint is going to leave my skin feeling really refreshed. I always prefer to use clays as they work really well with my sensitive skin and stop me from breaking out. Obviously avoid the eyes and lips area but leave on for 10 mins and just wet the mask and rinse off with some warm water and apply your favourite moisturiser. Perfecto!

I've already fallen in love with this! It applies beautifully, and coats my lips with this gorgeous nude sheen/gloss. It smells of shea butter which I personally always find smells really warming and moisturising. I have been using this on my lips before I apply my make up in the morning, it helps keep my lips soft and moisturised in this weather and ready to apply my lippy after I've put my makeup on. Also, really nice to put this on after I've done a lip scrub. Definitely a repurchase item! 

Shaveworks - The Cool FixRRP£11.00 60ml
I was really excited to see this in my box this month, If you are a new follower of mine, I actually suffer with POS and that causes my face to be very hairy and at a young age I started shaving from bullying and this lead to a very sensitive skin area on my chin.7 months on its finally starting to look like normal skin again, after having laser hair removal and the redness has gone and I hardly get lumps and bumps. When my treatment stops I know its going to get bad and I'm hoping using this will help loads. It states that it soothes irritated skin and the cooling gel is packed with natural exfoliators to help remove that dead skin that causes ingrown hairs. It smells AMAZING so certainly wont mind smothering this on my face!

KMS California - Hair Play Dry WaxRRP£15.50 150ml
I've had this in a beauty box before and was happy with it. I had to avoid spraying it too close to my roots as I did notice the wax made it feel slightly oily but the wax spray itself was great for a adding a bit of texture to my layers and it smelt great. I'd say if you have oily roots, I'd avoid this but if you don't have a problem you'd be fine.

This is another new brand in the box this month and after seeing the RRP for a 15ml is £30.95 I certainly hope this gives me a glow! Now supermodel Cindy Crawford and Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh are the masterminds behind this product, It's designed to smooth and condition the skin leaving it youthful with a luminous glow. Yes please !

Birchbox PenRRP£2.50
This was a cute little extra as was the cute pink bag it all came in this month instead of a draw string bag. I personally love having a lil pen in my bag as I'm always scribbling something down, so one shaped like a lipstick is certainly a winner for moi! :)

All in all, really happy with this box and looking forward to trying out all the products and maybe doing a few indepth posts about some of these bits 

Box total = £12.95
Contents total = 72.20 ( saving £59.25)

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  1. I love the look of this box, especially the Pixi balm :)


  2. I love the sound of that face mask and isn't that lip balm a lovely shade? I keep saying I'm going to subscribe to one of these beauty boxes but I either forget or can't make up my mind which one, there are so many on the market now.xx


  3. Love the idea, supporting an amazing charity!!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  4. You've done really well with this box, I've had awful luck so far with beauty subscriptions! I especially like the tinted lip balm x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine


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