2 October 2014

An Evening with John Lewis | Beauty & Fashion

Last week I got invited to a Beauty & Fashion show at John Lewis in Kingston, I've been coming to this store for over 20 years, Last year the store had a bit of a refurb and now instead of walking in and seeing lots of people doing their food shopping through the floor that opened up into waitrose they have covered the ground floor in gorgeous white marble tiles and filled half of that floor with all our favourite beauty brands! 

Before I even begin trying to explain in words the fun I had at this event I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Louise who treated myself and the other ladies like VIP all evening. Louise, you and all the staff  I had the pleasure of chatting to ( Special shout out to the Clarins ladies you superstars you! ) went out of your way to ensure I was looked after all evening, I had such an amazing experience in store it was absolutely lovely!

So myself and my main squeeze of the night Katie had the pleasure of spending most of our evening with the Clarins ladies. I had a full face on so opted for my beauty therapist Hannah to show me the treatments on my hand. Now as you all know I have POS and I spend alot of time covering my face will full coverage foundations to cover any redness or lumps and bumps or even stubble if I'm waiting for my laser treatment and the hairs getting a little unruly. It makes sense, I spend so much time putting all this makeup on my face, It's just as important to take it all off. Now I'm no professional when it comes to skincare. I've got such sensitive skin, I never seem to stick to anything but I can honestly say I'm a Clarins girl now. It will take something seriously 'God Like' to beat this skincare routine that I shall now be making mine.

Hannah was amazing. She asked me lots of questions about my skin, my likes and dislikes and my current routine and ensured I had just what I needed. I informed her of my allergies to anything cocoa and she made it her mission to make sure they weren't in any of the products we were using. She explained about each product, about why we were using them and their purpose. When she had finished my hand felt amazing, and knowing I was coming back to Kingston the following day, I already made sure Hannah was around to do this all over again on my face haha. The lovely ladies on Clarins spoilt us rotten with goodies and I've managed to bring most of the bits home with me and have already carried on with my new routine. Let me know if you guys would like to see a post on my new skincare routine! :D

Then it was off to Benefit to get our eyebrows sorted and Eylure to get some amazing lashes and top tips on how to apply them with ease EVERYTIME and because I love you guys I'm going to break it down.
  • Always measure out the eyelash against your own and cut them from the outer lash where you need too.
  • Apply a thin coat of mascara to your lashes. Ideally you dont want to put mascara on your false lashes as you want them to last as long as possible.
  • You only need a thin layer of glue, apply it to the lash while holding them between your tweezers and blow lightly, The idea is we want the glue to start to dry on the lashes and go 'tacky' so that we can place the lashes across our lash line and manipulate the lash by sticking it down and tugging it lightly so that it sits as close to the lash line as possible.

Then it was time for the fashion show where John Lewis showcased some of their A/W14 pieces and highlighted several trends with prints, colours and some amazing jackets and sparkle! They had a jazz band playing throughout the whole evening which got my finger clicking on many occasions, It provided the perfect ambiance to a lovely evening!


Have you visited the beauty /fashion floor in your local John Lewis?

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  1. I use brow zings every single day, it's my fave!! I probably wouldn't buy it again because its a bit pricey for what it is and there are so many similar things out there!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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  2. Incredible. Looks like it was a lovely and well deserved pampering evening. I recently tried some Clarins skincare for the first time and found some things I really like (their special eye contour cream is my fav). Yes to the updated skincare routine!

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