4 September 2014

Hipster Holiday Hotspots | Fashion

Hi Beauties!

Yes I am back from the Amazing epicness that is, Aiya Napa in Cyprus and I must say, It's one trendy place to be. Fashion, Nightlife and the men aren't too bad too look at either haha, Aiya Napa can easily slot into the perfect Hipster Holiday Hotspot to join many others that Simply Be have so kindly set out for us!

Simply Be have created this interactive map which highlights trendy places to go away for an alternative holiday. They have picked the perfect holiday hotspots that focus on contemporary fashion along with places to eat, drink and entertain yourself. As soon as Simple Be got in touch, with my holiday to Aiya Napa a few days away I  knew I had to get involved and Aiya Napa didn't disapoint! 

What's great is that you can click on the map and check out Trendy places to visit and see what's current over there and you can even bote on your favourite hotspot, Be it the fashion, or the sheer ambience, If it's Trending, It's on that map so I'd like to ask all my followers to go vote for their favourite place! Here are just a few that are already on the Hipster Holiday Hotspot Radar!

I decided to do my take on Aiya Napa, Cyprus as a Hip Holiday Destination 

In terms of fashion, In Aiya Napa, Anything goes. Everyone is sporting a tan and any sort of baggy Tee with shorts, failing that, they are strutting their stuff in bikini's so I've chosen the beautiful Pour Moi Polynesia bikini (top) & (bottom) with this bright AX Paris Floral Numbered Oversized Tee and Studded denim shorts. Shoe wise its got to be sandles and everyone there is wearing Birkenstock's so I've chosen these Florida Style Birkenstocks and this gorgeous Lili B Aztec Print Backpack. For those last minute extra styling touches, I've added these Michael Korrs Glasses ( I couldn't help but treat myself to 2 michael Korrs bags while out there) and to complete the look, a nice bright manicure to show off the tan!

Aiya Nappa certainly hits us hard with its Nightlife and Landscapes and if you find yourself on the strip at 4 in the morning there are 2 places I'd reccomend paying a visit too. Mr Jackets which does the best hangover food, A personal favourite from there is a " Cripsy Crunch " which is a tortilla wrap with crispy chicken strips with some chips and you pick the filling you want so I had lettuce, tomato, Cucumber and cheese with some ketchup/mayo and mmm mm mmmmm it was Amazing. 

The other place is Zorbas which was 5 minutes away from the strip and my hotel, It's a 24 hour bakery that do fresh breads and cakes and pastries and they did the best pizza!

Where would you go on your Hipster Holiday?

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  1. Ahh looks like fun! I want a hipster holiday!xx

    1. Thanks Katie! It was so much fun! lol Deffo think we should all go Napa :P Us and Cards vs Humanity = good times :D xx

  2. Replies
    1. There are so many gorgeous outfits :D xx

  3. Aiya Napa looks like a fun place! Nice outfit..

  4. I love the outfit for Seoul!Awesome!

  5. I absolutely need that backpack for my next (Hipster) holiday!! x

  6. Great post! That pizza looks scrummy! x


  7. This looks fun! I love the bikini in the Aiya Napa outfit, could definitely see myself picking that up for next year's holidays! x

  8. I'd have to say New York. Love the outfit you picked!

  9. love the Bankok outfit especially the boots

  10. Nice collection of dresses. That bakery tempts me a lot, making me mouth watering.

  11. Looks fun, the idea is really good! Loving Cairo's look.

    Laura x


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