13 September 2014

Amplified Craving Lipstic by MAC | Beauty

I can safely say with the utmost confidence, with little to no effort I might add, I have found my AW14 lipstick of choice and wont be seeing a lipstick purchase this side of Christmas. I've rocked out in brights and faffed about with nudes but the shade I am craving no pun intended is infact MAC Craving | link which is a Creme Amplified Lipstick. I was jammy enough to pick this up for a whopping £13 from Cohorted.co.uk ( SHOUTOUT :P ) For those of you that haven't experienced the love that is Cohorted, To sum the site up, They have products that go on sale that start at their RRP, The more people that show interest and buy one, The more discount is applied and the product becomes cheaper, There is a maximum discount that can be applied to the product and they only have X amount of an item so once its gone its gone. I managed to get one of the last few of this and was happy to save a few pennies in the process!

This colour is just perfect. It's a warm cool mahogany tone and I love everything about it. I'm always a fan of the creme lipsticks of MACs so it was a match made in heaven when I applied it. 

There was alot of hype over Kylie Jenner's gorgeous turquoise dip-dyed bob pictures on her Instagram and I saw loads of people asking on twitter what lipstick she was wearing or something similar and when I bought this lipstick I had that look in mind and If I'm honest, I think its a pretty good match! 

Products used:
 MAC Studio Fix Foundation SPF15 in NC42 | Link 
 MAC Amplified Lipstick in Craving | Link 
 Eylure Volume no107 false lashes | Link 
Naked 3 palette | Link 
Charles Worthington Zolume & Bounce Texturising Spray | Link 

Have you found your AW14 Lipstick shade yet?

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  1. I got a lip gloss in a very very cheap gift set from Make Up Rumours. It's one of the BEST gloss/lip colours I have ever used and it's practically the same as this colour. The make up gift set is £3.99 at the moment by unlimited but I got it for £1.50 as got 50% off.

    This colour looks off the scale beautiful on you and I am going to join you in wearing it this summer xxx

    1. Oo Leah what a bargain! I bet this colour looks fabulous on you babe!
      Thanks so much, I'm obsessed with wearing it! :) <3 xx

  2. This colour looks gorgeous on you! I have it too and I love to use it on autumn days! xx

    1. Thanks lovely! :D It really is such an amazing shade xxx

  3. Craving is a beautiful colour, and wear it all the time.


  4. I'm really loving that colour missy, it really suits you! I'm on the hunt for a new lipstick this autumn as I have been wearing bright reds all summer. I just need to go to my nearest dept store and try a few on!

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  5. This is a gorgeous colour on you! It is pretty similar to Kyle Jenners dip dye lip, plus you two have the SAME HAIR! :) Amazing. x

  6. Your hair and makeup looks stunning!! Gorgeous girly you xxxx
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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