4 August 2014

Tanya Burr Exotic Island Lipgloss | Beauty

Most mornings for work, doing my make up is pretty easy, Depending on my mood, I might go for bold or bright and sometimes subtle and nude, With those looks generally come the same several lipsticks for each of those looks but I am still to find an " Everyday lip colour " and after wearing Tanya Burr's Lipgloss in Exotic island I can safely say I have found a colour that I'm happy to wear with any eye make up, Be it just a bit of liner or a really smokey eye, There is nothing this lipgloss colour doesn't go with.

I know back when these came out there was so much hype with them and I'm sure of you jumped on the band wagon and got some, and I'm sure the other half of you rolled your eyes and thought " oh another product everyone will buy just because" Well.. After using it, I can say hands down, Easily, This is by far, My favourite Lipgloss to ever go on my lips. Ever.

Thats right. I said it. Do something.

Not only is the colour on point, but the texture of the gloss, It's not too sticky, Like, My lips don't stick together when the touch and you get that stringy gloss train, It genuinly lasts on the lips. It's the perfect consistancy of colour to gloss. It's not too shiney and glossy or too pigmented you'd be afraid to wear it. Its simply a gorgeous colour which really sits well on the lips. OH and did I mention. It smells of bloody berries! Yeah! Berries! It's lovely to apply, The doefoot applicator is perfect for my lips.

I honestly, Can't fault it at all. It's cheap, It's Cheerful, and they have lots of different colours too. So god forbid I finally wake up and for some reason suddenly find this lipgloss doesn't infact go with every makeup look I do, It's ok, because I'll have 5 other shades on standby! :P I will definately be purchasing more of these!

Have you tried the Tanya Burr Lip glosses yet?

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  1. My mum got me one when they came out but I hated the colour. I have been meaning to get another colour, but I loved the texture! The colour is lovely!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. I have Picnic in the Park and it is lovely and smells like vanilla, need to try some more :)

    Pam @ Pamsstuffandthings.blogspot.com

  3. That's a gorgeous colour. I don't wear glosses usually. I've not tried any Tanya Burr products yet but you've done a great review.


  4. I don't really like lip glosses, but I really like the Tanya Burr ones. They're so pigmented! My favourite is 'Let's Travel The World'.

  5. I wish I could get my hands on some of these to give them a try - that colour looks perfect!

  6. I adore this colour on you! I just wished I like her glosses but I find them so thick & gloopy! :(

    Nicole xx


  7. Gorgeous lip gloss!! you suit it a lot hun
    Melissa x

  8. What a gorgeous shade! It looks really pretty on you.

    Keisha xo

  9. I have a few of the Tanya Burr glosses and exotic island is by far my fave - looks incredible on you! :)

  10. this is such a beautiful colour - it looks fabulous on you!
    I am yet to find a Superdrug that stocks Tanya Burrs bits to give them a whirl myself.

    Hope you are well xx // PixiRella

  11. Not yet, but the colour is gorgeous... another item that's firmly on top of my wish list!!

  12. I love this colour! I need to be braver with lip colour x


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