16 August 2014

Monu Professional Skin Care Beauty Bag | Beauty


I want to post today about Monu Professional Skincare Beauty Bag*. I've been using these products for about a month now and I can't praise them enough. I have had the pleasure of trying many cleansers, many skincare sets and Monu Skin care take the cake. I am in love with this Beauty Bag for Sensitive skin. My skin is super sensitive so I'm always looking for products that wont break me out or cause irritation and having them all in one bag makes life so much easier! No more having 20 different brands and products that wont work together or all smell completely different that its not always a nice combo putting them together. I was actually wowed by everything with these products.

Collagen Cream - This cream is designed for dry,  Very dry or dehydrated skin and boy does it pack a moisure punch. It's a very rich creamy texture which is made from Rose and Geranium essential oils which smell AMAZING! The Marine collagen works in the cream to smooth the appearance of fine lines leaving the skin looking and feeling younger and more radiant.  I'd apply this every morning after I've cleansed and toned and just put a bit on my fingertips and work it into my face and neck.

Collagen Eye Cream - The Eye cream contains Marine Collagen and Polysaccharides similar to the Collagen Cream which is really going to nourish the skin and help keep it strong, It's a gentle eye cream thats designed to lift and smooth the skin around the eyes and although I couldnt really see a huge difference in my eye area alone, I did notice a difference with my makeup as a whole, I'd need less concealer under my eyes when applying my makeup and I've recieved a few compliments in regards to my skin looking good so think this could be a mixture of using all the skincare range. I use this twice daily, Once after my cleanse and toning and then again in the evening after I cleanse and tone which helps to tackle puffiness and dark circles while I'm sleeping. I just apply a bit to top of my hand and dab my 4th finger in it and dab under my eye, Less really is more with eye products.

Extra Rich Night Cream - Once again, a gorgeous scent, I love the Evening Primrose smell from this cream, It smells so relaxing! Similar to the Collagen Cream, This is a lovely thick texture which is super intense for moisture and I love that it doesn't leave my skin with greasy residue. This cream is packed with royal jelly and lots of vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids and my skin just loves it. Once again I use this after I cleanse and tone in the evening, Usually I'd apply my my eye cream, then this night cream and then follow it on with the collagen cream. WOO Lots of moisture :P

Gentle Cleanser - The cleanser has the lovely Rose and Geranium scent. I was really lucky with this cleanser, I had used the product with no issue at all, However I have just seen now after a month of using it that it contains a small amount of coconut oil which I'm allergic too. I'm not sure why I didn't react to it as I've reacted bad to it before. I enjoyed using the cleanser, It was light and creamy, I put a bit on my hands and rub it all into my skin avoiding my eyes ( I save me Bioderma sensibio h20 for that ) and then I'd take some warm damp cotton pads to remove the cleanser.

Gentle Toner - Similar to the Cleanser, I found this really light and gentle and helped to refresh and sooth my face after I cleansed. It had the same lovely Rose and Geranium scent and I did notice the texture of the toner was a tad thicker then just a watery toner that I usually use. I am always dubious about new toners as some smell so strong and can really tighten the skin which I don't like but I really enjoyed using this one. I found it actually worked with the cleanser to help nourish my face and keep it clean and soft to touch. For using the Toner, I'd use this after I'd cleansed my face twice a day, Just apply some onto a dry cotton pad, I'd pretend I was in a mini spa and use 2 and place both on my forhead and work them round my face to under my eye and down as if I was giving myself a proper mini facial. Perfect time to put some spa tranquil music on in the bathroom while getting ready for my day or equally taking everything off and really cleaning my face before bed.

Hydrating Mask - The mask was gorgeous! Definately going to be getting a full size of this. Still in the Rose and Geranium scent and this contains the same royal Jelly, Evening Primrose oil and all the essential sources of fatty acides to ensure my skin is soft, supple and rejuvinated!  It also has kaolin clay in it which is designed to ensure the skin is cleansed and energised. I always found this left me feeling so refreshed and comforted. I'd usually use this twice a week, Just leave it on my face for 10 - 15 mins and remove it with warm cotton pads, Then just Tone and apply my collagen cream and I'm ready for the day!

Micro Exfoliant - This is another one that I'll definately be getting full size. Usually I love a really gritty scrub for my face, I think it makes me think it's doing better job if I can feel it more? This scrub is just gorgeous, It's not hard at all but you can still feel its really scrubbing your skin. It contains ingredients from Diatomatious Earth, Papaya Enzymes, Shea Butter and Panthenol and this combo works really well to keep the skin clean and refreshed with that healthy clean glow we always want after a mini scrub :D I'd massage this into my face and neck with some warm water and really spend a few minutes massaging it before removing it with warm water and starting my cleanse and tone.

All in all, The Monu Professional Skin Care Beauty Bag is the perfect gift for someone who wants to start looking after their skin and needs a place to start, Or even someone who is a skin care connoisseur, Or someone thats on the go. The beautiful thing is this one is for sensitive skin, but they have other ones for oily or combination skin too so you can find the perfect one! Absolutely over the moon with this bag! It has everything to keep my face well looked after!

Have you tried Monu Skincare?

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  1. Looks nice! Lucky you!! I like that it has lots of products to give customers actual skin care needed. Some kits come with just a moisturizer and cleanser and I'm like.... Exfoliation?? Toner? Where you at! Haha!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. That's a complete kit, isn't it? Looks great. Even for travel sizes they're still quite generous. I've just looked on the website and they're good value too.

    I love the sound of a Rose/geranium fragrance so I might see about getting myself a kit if they make one for my skin type.


  3. Never heard of this brand. Seems like a great way to test out several of the products - I love kits! Always trying to find a great eye cream, my under eyes are dry while the rest of my ski is oily combo but dehydrated. Oh the woes of skincare, lol. Thanks for the review hun!

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