13 July 2014

Laqa & Co Lip Lube | Sample Sunday

Woo It's Sample Sunday time! 
Don'r forget to leave me some comments if you would like to suggest something for me to sample :)

Have you ever tried Laqa & Co?

I always reply to all my comments & will always return the favor.
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  1. Gggiirrrlll you're fab always! You should see some of my vlogs! lol. I'm not a big fan of the minty tingles either, unless it's a lip plumper. My one from Victoria's Secret burns like a beast for a few but it makes my tiny pout look so full and pretty. I always worry about the stick glosses being drying for some reason.

    1. haha thanks Caroline! Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't really dig tingly lips! I bet your lips are gorgeous without plumper! lol I'm loving your facial expressions on your Instagram, making me chuckle <3


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