25 July 2014

Jammin' In my Jumpsuit OOTD | Fashion

 My Storm from Xmen impression... ha

Oh no! Not another brightly coloured item of clothing! haha, Yes we are in FULL Summer mode and I've done nothing but shop for more summer essentials and this AMAZING Simply Be Jersy Floral Jumpsuit jumped right into my shopping basket and I haven't looked back, I've only looked bloomin' Lush if I do say so myself.

As always, I'm a fatty. Lets not pretend I'm not, BUT I am pretty happy to be sporting a jumpsuit for the first time EVER, and I must of hit the jackpot because the fit was just amazing. Being a larger woman, This isn't a sentance I'm used to saying. I've got large thighs, hips, A tummy and a bum so when sizing as I'm sure you can imagine, One must cater with all these in mind and Simply Be has got the sizing of this down to a TEE! I think if I lost a bit of my tummy, I'd look EPIC buttt aside the gut hanging out, I like to wear my " I don't give a F*ck " attitude to go with it :D

I'm in love with EVERYTHING about this. The vibrant print - the floral is just gorgeous, the shape ( I love that it has big pockets! ) I think personally, If I was more paranoid about my tummy sticking out, I could of potentially sized up, But I'm only 5'3 with diddy legs and short T-Rex arms so I think any bigger and I'd of been scuffing it on the floor ANDDDDDD We all know that I embrace my wobbly bits so the Size 24 is fine for me. I had to couple it with my Bright pink Neon Bag from Chunky Cat Cuddler, Because wearing a bright ass colourful jumpsuit just isn't enough :P

What do we think? 
What outfits jumped into your basket this month?

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  1. Looking great :)
    That jump-suit is perfect for summer!


    1. Thanks so much lovely :D I love it so much! x

  2. Haven't found any that look good me on :'( I like the print of this jumpsuit though! UGH I wish I lived in the UK, there are so many options for larger sizes there.

    1. I don't think you are alone, finding a print isn't usually the problem, Its finding the shape to fit haha. Aw I'm sorry you can't get the same options for larger sizes. :( xx

  3. Love this jumpsuit! Perfect for summer. You look great hun :D. ox


  4. That jumpsuit is goregous on you! Your nails are so pretty too :)

    Roo xx

  5. Awesome print, you work it so well!
    And excellent about the sizing too, jumpsuits can be so hit and miss but to find one that fits so well is great:D


  6. Looks great on you! I'm an 'absence of colour' kind of person, so I bought two black (very summery :P) dresses this month. And they say that goth is just a phase. *goes to mope in the corner*

    I love how your manicure matches your hair. <3

  7. Love this jumpsuit! So cute. I love reading about that fact that you have certain issues but they don't stop you from anything! Before I started blogging, I was really self conscious about my body. I spent the summer hiding in clothes (admittedly nice clothes but just too many of them) The last couple of years my body positivity has really kicked in. Dresses without leggings or tights, cardigan-less, more fitted, more revealing! Love reading your posts cause they remind me to get on with my life and enjoy fashion like you do (and other bloggers) :)

    Great post as always :) and Happy Summer!


    To visit my blog - Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  8. Fabulous!

    You're lucky to be that height, i'm quite tall so can't get in jumpsuits with being ahem...cut in half. Haha

    Keli xx

  9. BABE! This looks AMAZING on you! I always thought jumpsuits were only for slim girls but you've inspired me!

  10. In LOVE with this jumpsuit! You look absolutely stunning! I've always was nervous even attempting to try one on, but you are rocking this & your nails are lovely<3


  11. This outfit looks amazing on you!!! Loving the 'storm' impression too haha ;) The more people I see in this jumpsuit the more I want to own it!!

    Nicole xx


  12. gorgeous jumpsuit , looks stunning on you hun x
    Melissa || My Blog

  13. Love the jumpsuit! Looking fab as always Lucie.

    Keisha xo

  14. i LOVE your hair! loving the jumpsuit too! i'm a new reader and your blog is ace!
    Luna x.x.x

  15. Oh woah, don't you look FABULOUS honey! loving your colourful Storm impression! haha. The bag is beaut, it looks blinding fluorescent

    Emma | The Fashion Six


  16. Wow I love this outfit it really suits you xx


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