23 July 2014

Facial Hair, I don't Care! | Lifestyle

Hi lovelies, If you have been following me for a while, You would of seen I started a series, called " Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin" and for anyone else who suffers with POS or in general, Unwanted Facial hair,You will know the hardships in covering it, masking it over and smothering your face in makeup to hide it. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to ignore the bullies, Ignore the long stares, Ignore it all and not shave any of it but... sadly, I wasn't the confident loud lady you've all come to know & hopefully love on Fatbeautyx and suffice to say, have been paying for it ever since.

The first installment of the series can be found here where I Show some pretty graphic pictures of my hair and my unfortunate experience with stubble, facial hair and all the lumps bumps and rashes that come from trying to maintain it. Along side the post one of my first videos was how I acheive a flawless face of makeup, Which has got over 3,000 views and over 90 thumbs up which I personally think thats awesome ;x I am so thankful to say that my routine has changed and I no longer need to go to the lengths I did now I'm under going laser surgery. Here are some of the pictures to give you an idea..

As far as I know, There are little to no bloggers talking about this and I thought I'd put myself out there and let you guys ask any questions you may have, be it about the laser surgery, How I managed to get it on the NHS? , How it feels?/ Is it painful?, The process?, Or any questions I can ask the amazing staff at the Sk:n Clinic I go too. 

I hope to do a huge updated video talking about it, about all of it really, as I've had 4 sessions now and I'm going to my 5th today! Hopefully some of you feel brave enough to step forward and ask anything, otherwise you can tweet me at @fatbeautyx or email me the questions to fatbeautyx@gmail.com and then I can answer as many of them as I can in the video or - if there are a few, then over a few videos :)

Obviously if you lovely lot just want me to ramble on about it then thats fine too :P Either way, I wanted to doument it and show you all the pictures I've taken so far and be as open and honest about the whole process in the hopes it might help some of you not suffer in silence like I did.

Do you Struggle with unwanted facial hair?

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  1. I think you're doing such a great thing with this Lucie! I don't personally suffer from POS but I know people that do and I'll be pointing them to your videos :)
    Bea x
    As Seen By Bea

    1. Thanks so much Brittany. It's actually changed my life getting this done. I've noticed a HUGE difference with just the 5 treatments. I wish I had had the chance to do this about 10 years ago because it would of changed my life, my confidence and ..well.. it would of changed alot of things for me :) I hope even if nobody asks a question, they make note of my blog and pop back when the videos up so it might help them :D

  2. Such a great post! Good luck with the treatment, I hope its not too painful!


  3. I don't have POS but I have shaven off hair in places where bullies have teased me about in school and now boy do I regret it! Comes back even worse and thinking back now, it wasn't even that bad. I would just like an update on how the laser surgery is going, if I remember rightly there was only 1 post about the surgery? x


  4. great post and its nice you are sharing your story hun!
    all the best lovely. x
    Melissa || My Blog

  5. So inspiring reading this, glad to see you're feeling so good about it too. Hope it carries on for you. Love reading stuff like this, look forward to seeing an update! Xx

  6. I think you're so brave to share your storey with everybody (feel so proud of you) My question would be; How did you find out you had POS, were your doctors supportive & what steps were made to help you?

    Love you my bestie! xx


  7. Your amazing for doing this! It's interesting and brave!

  8. I think that it is great that you are sharing your journey...it really takes courage to put yourself out there. Looking forward to your progress.

    Keisha xo

  9. If I've learned anything about this whole beauty/female empowerment movement that seems to be taking place lately is that if we don't talk about it, then no one will know. This is fantastic! Thanks for being so brave and sharing it all with us. Ok real talk, I thought about getting it done to my bikini line this year just to avoid the waxing but I'm still on the fence. I don't mind waxing, but it's a pain ... literally! What kind of pain threshold do I need for this?


  10. I got told I had PCOS when I was 15 (almost 6 years ago), since then I've tried electrolysis, laser treatment (on the nhs) and general shaving. It doesn't really matter what i've done, it's always come back, so I've just given in. Shaving's a pain in the arse, but it's the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to get rid.

    Thanks for writing these posts, lovely! It's so refreshing to see a fellow blogger writing about this :)

    Laura x \ http://pale-girl-reviews.blogspot.com

  11. I love you for this! As I told you before, facial hair has plagued my life and I REALLY want to get laser removal. Loves ya!

  12. A reason to love you and your blog even more! Personally, I've never had to deal with PCOS but I have a very close friend who does and having seen it affect her self confidence over the years, I applaud you for this post and sharing your experiences with all of us. :)

  13. I have gotten good results at Dermavogue. The team there is terrific. Everyone is so friendly and you really have fun while you are there. I will continue to get treatments here. Check them out at http://www.dermavogue.net

  14. I also struggle with unwanted facial and body hair, I'm currently being tested to see if I have PCOS, Cushing's or any other syndrome. It's horrible to pay attention constantly to every bit of you, shaving, plucking, waxing... I'm considering laser.


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