8 July 2014

July Wants | Wishlist

So it's become very apparent that I buy so much makeup and clothes per month and not only that, I spend a HUGE amount of time browsing online for them. I become a tab whore by 11am with over 10 tabs open from various websites, So here's to hoping I can share them with you guys rather than add them to my personal collection. If you do enjoy my July wants, I'd love it if you left me a comment, Who knows, Maybe an " All the wants " post might become a regular thing each month as I've had alot of fun doing it! In the mean time, You can always check out my  Shop My Style page where I have over 60 favorites that I'm either loving or that have caught my eye and a future purchase is in order. So if you can't wait each month, you can keep checking there! 

Ten. Crabtree and Evelyn Nail Polish in Green - Pistachio, Blue - Sky  and Orange - Clementine

Twelve. Asos Curve Midi Skirt with pleats (sizes 18-28)
Thirteen. Forever 21 Grey Bag (sizes 14-28)
Fourteen. Asos Curve Monochrome print trousers (sizes 18-28)
Fifteen. Asos Curve Smock Dress (sizes 18-28)

Nineteen. Pink Clove 3/4 sleve wrap dress (sizes 18-28)
Twenty Three. Asos Curve Vintage Rose Dress (sizes 18-28)
Twenty Four. Forever 21 Glasses

What are you lusting over in my list?

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  1. Love you wants list, so many things that I want to buy


    1. gosh don't, I want to buy everything ON this! haha x

  2. Oehh I love nr 3,4 and 6! That's quite the wishlist you got there for a month! :D Haha x

    1. lol I know, If only I were rich aye! lol x

  3. Great List! I love the floral dresses!

    Keisha xo

  4. 11, 15 and 22 are my favs! I wish id had the confidence to pull off #1. Yes keep doing these they're fun.

  5. Ok dayum gurl that's a lot of things! I have sunnies 6, love them but they make my face look rounder and my eyebrows look funny... I wouldn't mind getting: 2,3,11,13,6,22,23,24 and 26 :P

  6. Lovely post,dear!
    Keep in touch xx

  7. Love all those looks! I am also a tab whore! Ooops xxx


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