9 May 2014

These Eyes Tell No Lies | HealGel - Eye Review

I'm going to go ahead and assume alot of you have already heard of the name Healgel. It's a brand that is being raved about at the moment and alot of the celebs are loving it! So of course when the lovely Rosie gave me the opportunity to try out something from Healgel I practically squealed!

 The range itself is based around 4 products; HealGel Face, HealGel Eye, HealGel Body and HealGel Intensive. I went with the HealGel Eye 15ml £32* which is designed to treat the signs of ageing around the eyes, It reduces the appearance of fine lines, Puffiness and dark circles. The skin around our eyes is very thin and I'm always really careful when putting any products on my eyes, HealGel Eye is an aqueous gel so it absorbs quickly into the skin leaving little to no residue, So its great for the eye area. It contains Arnica  Which is a soothing herb to help reduce inflammation and swelling, Madecassoside and Laminaria Digitat which stimulates collagen giving us firmer and smoother skin and  Dual Action Hyaluronic Complex which instantly locks moisture deep into the skin once again helping to soften the skin which helps with the appearance of fine lines and even skin tone. 
*Bows* Yes, I Aced Science :P

The formula is a white pearl-esque gel and you can see from the pictures above just how well it absorbs into the skin! It really is such a gorgeous formula and the smell.. THE SMELLLLLLLL!  I'm really big on smells, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, If it's going on my face it's gotta smell nice! I've only recently found a love for lavender after using This Works Pillow Talk and Stress Less and I have to say its such a light scent that comes from the gel its a real delight to apply it. I have been using this twice a day, before I apply my makeup in the morning and after I have cleansed and tonned in the evening. 
I've been using it now for a 3 weeks and I must say, I do love using it, I love the smell, the packaging, the texture. I love everything aside the fact that I can't see a HUGE result like everyone else. Its become apparent that everyone can see a difference but me! Now Healgel eye retails for £32 so its a product you want to see some results with, though a little will last you a long time! You would get at least 5 - 6 months use from 1 bottle which would work out at £5 a month. While I can't see a Huge result personally, I have however received a lot of compliments about my skin and flawless face. I have been using both this and the La Roche Effaclar Duo+ so perhaps using the 2 as a duo combined has done wonders for me, I personally still see evidence of circles but others are saying I look great. lol I doubt any product could erase my 50+ hour work weeks so all in all I'm going to carry on using it. I wish I had taken a before picture so that It would be easier to compare.
Would I purchase this myself? Yes. I really have had a substantial amount of compliments about my skin and its either this, or the La Roche Effaclar Duo+ Or the 2 of them together but seeing as its only going to cost me on average about a fiver for 6 months, For the sake of my ego, I can totally spare it haha. Would I recommend this to you? Yes. I have already told those who had complimented me that I was using this and that I was enjoying using it and they have gone off and got it and are enjoying using it too. I think if you have SERIOUS bags and darkness and puffiness I'd be interested to see how you fair as those who have noticeable bags and darkness are seeing the best results where as lil ole me, I don't have a huge issue with them and cant personally see a huge difference, but clearly everyone else can haha! 

Would you treat your eyes to HealGel Eye?

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  1. I have HealGel Intensive and it cleared up sunburn really quickly. It hasn't had any affect whatsoever on stretch marks or scars though, which is what it is billed as.

    I haven't found a single eye cream either high street or high end that does what it claims to do. Either that or I'm just imagining my black circles in the first place! Great review!

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. Simone, thats great about your sunburn! shame it hasn't done anything to stretch marks or scars :/ I didn't know they helped with those! ( or not in your case :( ) I think using and a good highlight under my eyes to help brighen that area which reflects giving the illusion of no dark circles lol. I do find this really nice and it does help take the morning puffy eye away but I dont think its a miracle product that would get rid of it all together xx

  2. ohhhhh this looks interesting hun. I have dark circles because I just work to hard (obviously!). x


  3. I have crazy eyes with dark cirles, puffiness etc .. or as I like to call myself .. blob eyes. This does sound good, would just hate to spend this money and it not work. Great review as always hun.

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

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    1. lol yes, I have blob eyes too :P x


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