23 May 2014

Mr Nutcase Personalised Phonecase Review

I've been thinking of getting a new phone case for some weeks now and when the opportunity came to review a personalised case from Mr Nutcase my faffing had paid off! 

The website itself MrNutcase.com was really easy to navigate while making my masterpiece, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a tad excited on getting to personalise a case. Apple, Blackberry and Samsung are just 3 of the major manufacturers you can pick from (7 in total) with over 70 different phone models you could select to fit your phone! Once your chosen case has been selected you can pick from 3 different types of case, I opted for the Ultra light weight Slimline* £14.95. 

Now, The Fun Starts!

You can pick from one the the layouts and it shows you a preview the whole time, You upload the photos, and you can see them all lined up for easy use and you just click and drag them into position, you can delete and re position, or even change your mind all together and pick a different layout if you decide you want more or less pictures! :) 

The case itself is a perfect fit, it has a matte-like texture so grip wise its perfect for me. I'd say the pictures are slightly grainy and a tad pixelated, So I'd recommend uploading your pictures that are .png or .gif and avoid .jpeg and any low quality pictures if you can, Overall I'm very happy with my case, I'm thrilled to bits with how it came out, with the pictures of me and friends, family and the boyfriend along with some favourite art and quotes to break it up and add colour! I will definitely be going back to get new ones when more memories have been snapped up in photo! :)

If you are interested in maybe getting one as a treat for someone, Or if you feel like its time you had you own epic personalised phone case, please use my 10% off voucher


What do you think of my personalised phonecase?

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  1. Love the idea of these but I break my phone cases so often I'm best off sticking to super cheap ones!


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