4 May 2014

DirtyLooks Bobby Glam Ponytail | Review

One topic I get asked to talk about alot is hair. If you haven't noticed by now I do have rather distinct hair. Working as a hairdresser I have had the privilege of  working with high end brands and trying different products and learning what works and what doesn't from Hairdryers to shampoo and conditioning treatments to hair extentions.

 I spend alot of time colouring and managing the upkeep of my hair, I make sure even when using tools, that they are the best for my hair and today I wanted to talk a little about the Bobby Glam ponytail I was sent by Dirt Looks.

I had requested their lightest blonde colour as I will be colouring it to match my hair once its the same colour all over as I want it to look as natural as possible. At the moment I currently have ombre coloured hair and it would be very hard to match and I don't want to over colour the ponytail, So untill I colour it, I thought I'd do a first impressions post on this and then a video when I'm colouring it.


One of the things I love about DirtyLooks is the packaging. When purchasing hair extensions from them, you receive your hair in one of these lilac sealed bags and beside your wefts is a single weft compartment that you can open where they have placed a tester for you. This is perfect if you are unsure about the colour or length. By not opening the full contents that voids the return, using the sample to try, you can see how it would look, If its not for you, the main part hasn't been touched and you are able to send it back. I personally think that's a great feature and certainly makes me feel I can purchase them without concern of getting the wrong ones. Seeing as mine is just a ponytail, It doesn't have the same feature but I wanted to add that in as I think its an awesome selling point.

Once open you the packet you have a great hair care book that comes with it and it explains about placements for extensions and about the application itself. 

The bobby glam ponytail is a perfect length for me, It's not stupidly long, but wrapped around my own stubby little ponytail looks great. As someone with very thick hair, I personally found it a tad fine and would of preferred it a bit thicker, but thats a personal preference.

As you can see the ponytail comes presented as it will look in the hair, taking away the bobby pins and unwrapping the hair wrapped round where you would be securing it, you can see below it has a plastic clip that you can tuck into your pontytail at the top and Velcro round each side.

Then with the hair thats attached to the velcro you wrap that around the velcrow and your hair to hide any evidence its a fake ponytail and pin it to secure! It's That easy!

The hair comes in a mesh netting to keep it safe and together and stops it going fizzy so when you are done with your extentions or fake ponytails in my case, place it back into the netting and into its seal bag until the next time you wish to get glam!

I can't wait till my hair is all one colour so I can do a colouring tutorial and then show you how to colour your extentions using crazy colour and secure it so it looks natural :D Or perhaps you might like it while I have ombre hair? Let me know in the comments below! :) 

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  1. Can't wait to see what your ponytail looks like when you get your hair dyed :) When do you think you'rel looking to go blonde? x

    1. Hey Louise! I'm not colouring my hair blonde haha but will be colouring the pony teal to match my hair :) xx

  2. Ooh I'm interested to see what this looks like once it's dyed and in! Thanks for the post!

    Jaq @ www.lazydaysbeauty.com

    1. Thanks Jaq :D Very excited to put it in once I've coloured it :D Will be a fun video to do :D xxx

  3. Looking forward to the colouring tutorial!
    Great post!

    Keisha xo

  4. I can't wait to see you try this. I do have visions which are making me laugh though lol. x


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