17 March 2014

Kiko Perfect Base Corrector Primer | review

I'd like to think I'm quite happy with my foundation routine, It's something I've been perfecting for a while and after juggling products around, and using boot's 3for2 to my advantage, I've finally found a foundation I'd happily repurchase till the end of time ( Rimmel wake me up foundation in Ivory ), a BB cream ( Lieole Triple the soloution ) that helps even out my redness pigmentation and even helps conceals, leaving my skin dewy and bright and a light translucent powder I can use to set them and help matte my oily hotspots ( Rimmel Stay Matte powder ). The one product that has now completed my foundation routine, is the Kiko Perfect Base Corrector Primer RRP £12.90 .

Using the Kiko Perfect Base Corrector Primer I have noticed a change in my makeup application, The product is a silicone based transparent formula. It glides on the skin and I find blends into all the nooks and crannys on my face ( yes, I said nooks and crannys ) leaving me with this perfect base ready to apply my BB cream. I find my makeup applys better and lasts longer. It doesn't have a harsh scent, just a light silicone scent and I love that its not greasy! Before I found my BB cream which I double up as a concealer, I was applying the Primer and then applying my seventeen phoarr concealer and I found it helped it not to crease under my eyes. 

I personally have combination skin, It's sensitive but its not too oily or too dry, I get a v.slightly oily nose, but my cheeks can get a little dry so this product is perfect. I know they have a Mat Base Primer too for £8.90 which is ideally for combination to oily skin so If you are looking for a new primer, depending on your skin type, If you don't get that oily, I'd reccomend the Perfect base, But if you do find during the day you need to whip out the ole mattifying powder, then i'd opt for the mat base primer instead.

Once again, Super impressed with Kiko and their products. I'm getting quite the collection and already have brought another corrector primer for when this one runs out! Now thats love right there!

Have you ever tried Kiko before?  Do you think you might try this primer?
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  1. I've just started to use KIKO and I love their products so far, will have to have a look at their face primers. I'm coming to London in July (fingers crossed), and going to their store, any tips on what are their best products are in your opinion?



    1. Thats awesome Gemma! The primer would be my obvious recommendation, If you like to wear lipstick, I'd recommend the clear lip liner pencil. It's so great if you want to line your lips but don't have the right colour, OR if you have the odd lip product that bleeds a little, applying the clear lip liner pencil stops it and helps hold the lipstick on your lips for longer!

      also would recommend their nail polishes as they go on like a dream!!! lol Maybe I could meet up with you when you are in London and we can go in together lol :P xx

  2. Replies
    1. I think you would love it Rachael, I know you have sensitive skin like me too! <3 xx

  3. I LOVE my MUA primer (so much so me and mum bought 6!!)
    I'd swear by it now!! xx

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. oOoO I've never tried the MUA primer! you'll have to do a review of it hunny! :D xx

  4. I've recently tried out Kiko products and I was left pleasantly surprised by them, I can get dry cheeks sometimes too so the Kiko perfect base might work for me also. Rimmels wake me up foundation is on my to try list so glad to hear it's a fave of yours because your skin looks beautiful in any of your pictures that I've seen. :) x Becki x
    Lashes and Bows

    1. Aww Thanks Becki! What a lovely comment! Its deffo worth a try if you are looking for a new primer. It's not too expensive I'm on my second one and i think its the first primer I've ever repurchased! I even got the mat one for a blogger friend and she loves it so if you have a lil dry cheeks like me, then id deffo point you in the direction of the perfect base one for yourself!

      Thankyou so much for the lovely compliment, I can assure you naturally my skin isn't beautiful but im thankful it looks it due to the products I use haha :D xxx

  5. This sounds amazing! x



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