10 March 2014

Boo Hoo for clothes that dont fit & HORRAY for BooHoo.com Plus that DO fit!

Did you see what I did there? Yeah, Thought you might of liked that title! Good morningggggg ladies and I hope you are having a jolly old start to your Monday Morning. If you aren't then I have some pretty snazzy news for you. Well, only if you're a size 16 - 24! 

The lovely Boohoo.com emailed me about their new Plus size Launch and wanted to know if I wanted to share it with my lovely readers and after checking it all out, It'd be rude not too! So my beauties I'm pleased to announce Boohoo.com is now stocking sizes 16 - 24 which certainly puts a smile on my chubby face! After having a peek I can honestly say I'm really excited to try some of this stuff on and see how they fit!

Here is what Boohoo said in their press release :

"A variety of fun prints and refreshing colours compliment flattering shapes in boohoo's new plus size range. The Debut collection features quilting and jacquard in key season co-ordinates alongside essential knitwear and shift dresses in both prints and plains. Key products stay true to SS14 trends with culottes and skorts taking a significant role in pastels, brights and monochrome, with sizes ranging from 16 - 24. Fundamental pieces include illusion dresses, skirts and tops as well as stylish jumpsuits in diverse fabricks featuring decorative detailing, combining together to create this afforable curve friendly collection."

I'm not sure I wanna be friends, more like BFFS!

Here are just a few of the pieces that I'm in love with and would love to get my chubby sausage fingers on! 

What with pastels being so iconic this SS14, This Jessie Oversized Jumper £18.99 is just what I want to be wearing when I'm chilling out, With its crew neckline and lightweight feel, I'd couple it with a pair of jeans as pictured above or my usual George black leggings that I live in! I can see me rockin' a messy bun, geek glasses and a giant cup of tea too :P

Now it's no surprise a floral bright coloured print has made it onto my wishlist from boohoo. This Jenna Large Floral Skater Skirt £12. is perfect for that bolder look this Spring/Summer. It's a made of a jersey cotton for added comfort and stretch, You can see just  how much it pops with a black top in the picture above, and for only £12 it really is a bargain! I wish it was a tad longer BUT I'd deffo bust out some tights with it and a little black tank top and dolly shoes with some bright necklace from forever 21, like a yellow or blue and team it up with some pastel nails!

I'm not always the first one to grab something that's classed as a " bodycon", Although I am one with my figure and I've learnt to love my body and accept compliments, I'm still not really happy with having something that's TOO clingy that clings to my tire rings and wobbly bits and especially if I have to sit down it could really put me off wanting to wear something so figure hugging but when I saw the Abbey Contrast Panel Midi Skirt £12. I knew it would do my figure wonders as once again it was made of that same jersey fabric we love and had the illusion side panels to frame my figure!

These Kara Floral Jeggings £16 are amazing. After getting more adventurous lately with my fashion, I find myself drawn to bolder prints and this colourful jegging print is high on my wishlist. Now they are listed as a low rise wasitline but it's elasticated and has those sexy sidepanels that compliment ones thigh which is always good! I'd have to get their largest size which is the 24 and try them on to make sure they sit over my belly ( yeah, Simon Cowell eat your heart out! ) but I think I'd wear these with a black top, maybe my Asos Peplum top pictured here but would deffo do a smokey eye, add some gold accessories and a nice dark lip, maybe Mac heroine!

I love this Victoria Woven Front Roses Top £16. It's a gorgeous ombre print and I would totally wear my Faux Leather Skirt I got from Primark which you can see in my latest haul here with some tights or leggings with some messy hair and a bright pink lippy look!

Lastly, I just had to chuck this bag into my wishlist, It's Amazing... RIGHT!!!! I need it in my life!

Have you ever Purchased from Boohoo.com? 
 What piece do you like the most from the new collection?

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** I wasn't paid to do this post, it's simply my own opinions on the launch of Boohoo.com's new Plus range.


  1. I have never purchased from Boohoo.com due to not doing my size, but now they are doing 16-24 I may just have to check them out.


    1. I haven't either Gemma but the bits in my wishlist are certainly some bits I wouldn't mind trying.. especially that bag... MY GOD THAT BAG!!!!! *drools* xxx

  2. A lot of these shapes are SO cute but the colors are SOOO boring. I'm so tired of everyone putting us fatties in black, galaxy print, dark reds/purples, dark everything...I live near one of the largest Forever21's in the USA (possibly the largest) and we have the F21 plus size...everything year round is pretty much always black if it's not a cream lace boho style or ugly neon print chiffon shirt. I just want a brand that isn't afraid of fat people in color. I'm moving to a super hot state and I don't want to wear black anymore. =(

    That said, this place really has some fresh looks and cuts I wouldn't mind wearing.


    1. I actually couldn't agree MORE! I think as a personal preference, I do like wearing black, from when I worked in the hair salons to even that day I become a make up artist, Black will always be a smart, clean colour, not to mention it is " slimming ", but thats not to say much like your comments, I don't want to wear a jazzy colour or something that clings to my lumps and bumps. At the end of the day I have a huge tummy and I'm going to have it if I'm wearing black jeans to make me appear slimmer or if i'm in a bright red dress that clings to my every curve! I recently posted about my new Cut for Evans skirt in their new range and thats all about Colour and bright prints and not conforming to society's " ohhh you probably shouldn't wear that ". We may not be their just yet but I think brands are starting to realise there is a HUGE gap in the market for plus sizes and if they ask questions and ask actual PLUS SIZE I'm talking UK Size 20 - 32, I think all it takes is 1 brand to get it right and everyone will follow suite. haha that said, I'm saying it like it was easy, I guess if it was that easy, they'd be doing it already!

      Great comment hun! so glad you did! :) <3

  3. I have never bought anything from here before, but I will definitely be trying out a few bits now I know they stock 16-24! Ohh and I LOVE your picks!! xxx

    1. Thanks so much Emma! Myself either but I deffo will be now they go upto my size! Would be interesting to see how the sizes feel and fit :D

      So glad you liked my picks :D xxx

  4. Omg! I am in love with these styles and colours and prints. So amazing. Ive ordered from boohoo before but have found them a bit off with their sizes at times so i wasn't able to get trousers or that.
    Such a great post! Im so glad plus size eomen have someone like you to turn to and read your blog Lucie. It meand a lot to them im sure! You inspire the hell outta me :-)

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

    1. Hi darling :D ooo Thats good information, were the sizes too small or too big? lol always good to know when ordering how an item comes up! Your comment was so lovely I even tweeted about it! It means the world to me that I could inspire someone <3 so in a sense, YOU inspire me too :) xxx

  5. Never purchased from BooHoo.com, I'm a size 4-6 so I don't usually order online. It's just such a struggle to find out if clothes will fit me or be too big!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

    1. It must be such a pain! Where do you get your bits from if you dont mind me asking :) x

  6. I wish more brands would do this, ah Im so excited.
    Always craved boohoo items but never bothered for sizing


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