12 February 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday | Week 6

Hi Beauties!

It's weight loss Wednesday and although I have no measurements for you this week I can happily announce I lost 1 lbs this week. That's now 15 lbs I've lost and 19 inches all together.

I know this week I have been naughty having meals out and birthday cake so I can't expect to lose anything when I weight myself this sunday for next Wednesdays post but I'm not going to use that as an excuse to pig out and fall off the bandwagon again! 

sadly aside cake, pizza express, another pizza place, and jimmy spices are all hindering me this week with birthday meals and a valentines meal out so hoping next week I can get back to normal :D

I hope anyone else doing the #bloggerswlw had a good week! 
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  1. I tried so hard and caved for a DELICIOUS burger yesterday. Other than that I made it through my birthday healthy haha!! Hoping it is easier for you to say no to poop this next week!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. Well done on losing a lb this week. You've done really well to lose so much. I put 10lb on over christmas and still trying to shift it, but I've been craving all things naughty recently...
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  3. Well done hun, your doing amazing! x


  4. Well done, I'm trying to lose weight too, its so hard to resist all the good tasty food like pizza and chocolate, Suppose losing weight slowly is the best thing rather than loosing too much at once,


  5. 19 inches, wow!! That's so good! I've been trying to eat healthy lately and I feel like a different person- so happy and lively. I know how hardddd it is to resist tasty food but all tasty food seems to be bad for us :-( Also, is this a new blog design I see?.. ;) I love it any way!! Speak soon, Hollie X


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