9 February 2014

Birthday Girl | outfit

YAY Happy Sunday lovelies! It's my Birthday tomorrow and I'm going to be posting my TMI tag as I wanted to do a video on my bday so I thought today I would do a Plus Size Birthday OOTD to show you what I'll be wearing tomorrow for my big day when I go out! I ended up getting one of the tops from my New Look Wishlist I posted here. I loved it so much I needed it in my life! So many of you loved my last Plus Size OOTW where I said sod social society and their dictations to what plus size women should wear and I'd like to think even though I'm plus size I can pull off stripes going either way! #effyourbeautystandards society. I look booylicious! Details below darlings Don't forget to check out my KILLER HEALS, Bag and Necklace I got sent from the lovelies over at Miss Luxe to wear with my birthday oufit!!!! :D

Top - Newlook 
Necklace* - Miss Luxe 
Leggings - George
Shoes* - Miss Luxe
Bag* - Miss Luxe

So talking you a little bit through my outfit. I wanted something smart and sexy as not only is this for my birthday I have alot of events in Feb and I wanted to get something smart to look my best. Monochrome is really in, so that with my pastel hair and a few well matched accessories, I shall be looking fabulous all February! My top is from Newlook, The Monochrome sleeveless striped top/£14.99 I spoke about it in my wishlist post here. This could be worn with no necklace as this top is a heavy pattern, but I love my Black Stone & Gold Foil Plate Necklace/£11.99* from Miss Luxe with it, The necklace is big enough to add detail to complete my look but doesn't de-tract from the top. The gold in the necklace gives it a smart dressy look and with the necklace feeling weightless I'll be shimmying around effortlessly all day and night when I'm out!

If you know me in real life, You will know my love for handbags. One might even call me a handbag whore ( yes one might! ) There are alot of things I look for in a bag depending on what I want it for. Lately I have been loving tote bags, I am a fan of bright colours if you couldn't tell from my hair and my latest tote bag was what I picked out for chrismas from the boyf in Accessorize, my beautiful HULK GREEN tote and ugh its just beautiful and you can see that here. I went with my Faith Leather Bag /£24.99* from Miss Luxe. The bag is absolutely gorgeous! I fell in love with it when I saw it. Firstly it's got both a handle AND a strap as I love to alternate. If I have alot of stuff in my bag I like to just chuck it over my shoulder but if its not too heavy I 'll use the handles. There is actually 2 zips on the bag which I Love, I've never had a bag that goes down all the way to each side before and the inside is a smart dark brown material, Don't quote me on the material but its that dry , waterproofy texture which I'm thinking means if something spills in there its easy wipe-able too which is always a plus! It's got a middle zip compartment which Is a huge thumbs up from me, this is great for me for my keys as I have one set for work and one for home and then phone, and oyster card etc so its great to have that there in the middle keeping my key items together. Then on each side of the bag there is one side zip pocket  and on the other side a double side pocket, one thin and one wide. If this bag was in some bright colours like a pink or a blue or even an orange I'd definitely invest in a few as its such a gorgeous bag.

I wanted to save these babies till last, I just HAD to wear these Black Metallic Cap Toe Heels /£22.99* from Miss Luxe in this look as I think the gold cap looks great with my little bit of gold bling in the necklace. I'm not the most comfortable in heels and I have wide feet too so deffo need to wear these in a bit before a night on the town. They would look great with a little black dress or skinny jeans. Size wise, these are an 8 and I think for heels, they are a true 8, Like I said I have wide feet so they did pinch a little as you can see from the pick but all I'll do is get some thick socks and wear them with these and put the hairdryer on them to help expand so they feel comfy..or as comfy one can feel in 4 inch heels. 

Overall I love my outfit and alot of that is because of Miss Luxe. Miss Luxe is a womens fashion and beauty e-tailer, who are dedicated to offering you branded, unbranded and own label fashion that is unique, vibrant and expressive. They provide on-trend and catwalk-inspired pieces that are current and affordable and I'm very thankful they were able to send me these beautiful items to review. I think you will agree they are amazing! I'll be keeping my eye on their website! If you liked any of their items head over and check them out! - http://missluxe.co.uk/

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  1. I love your outfit!! So stylish... Fabulous!! You look gorgeous :) Happy birthday for tomorrow. Love your Blog :D
    Ava xox

  2. love the outfit and you look stunning lovely ! Happy birthday for tomorrow !
    Melissa x
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  3. Happy birthday! Your outfit is lovely - I want the bag for myself! Xx

    1. Thanks so much Chloe! I love this bag so much! It's a complete Bargain! If you end up getting it let me know! <3 x

  4. Gosh. I love the shoes. I am lusting after the silver finishes. Amazing. Grrr. I want them - and I am not even a big high heel sort of gal. :) xx

    Nadja | Throw me something beautiful

  5. I love your outfit! That top looks so great on you. xx

  6. Love this outfit! Very chic, each piece compliments each other perfectly x


  7. Gorgeous outfit! :)

    Kelly x


  8. Wow! I love your hair and piercing *o* You look amazing!

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    Have a nice day!

  9. Happy Birthday, i love this outfit.x

  10. Such a gorgeous outfit!! I really loved the bag and the shoes, ohh the shoes are so amazing *-*

    1. Thanks Silvia! Miss Luxe have got some lovely bits! x

  11. Love the look, especially the shoes! Kisses

    1. Thanks Bianca! the shoes are amazing. I feel like I'm channelling my inner gaga when I wear them! :P xx

  12. Loving the outfit, the shoes are simply gorgeous! xx

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  13. Nice, i love it! The stripes, the necklace .. beautiful!

  14. I lovelovelove vertical stripes and your shiny smiling face! Happy belated birthday =)


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