18 February 2014

Bloggers Love / All You Need Is Love | Event

Hi beauties,

So with all the extra flower displays and box of chocolates offers out of the way Valentines day is well and truly behind us. I was lucky enough to get to attend The Bloggers Love Event - All you need is love and suffice to say I left IN love with so many new brands, I cant wait to review all the bits I have from them all in separate posts over the up and coming weeks! But for now, The evening... 

Upon entering, I was handed a cosmopolitan and pointed towards the cupcakes to get my evening started, despite the eclipse bar being a tad dark, It did give it this rather intimate feel which was apt for our " speed dating " meet-cute of the brands, was a nightmare for photos though haha. We were given 5 mins to chin-wag with the brands before jumping to the next table, with our beautiful DJ keeping us in check for time! The amount of business cards flying about was uncanny and suffice to say all the bloggers who were there got to see 3/4 of the brands! I was gutted I didn't get round them all but those I was able to chat too were lovely. 

Some of the Brands 

Balm Balm: www.balmbalm.com 
I had a lovely chat with Glenda from Balm Balm, who I think Skin Care wise, was the main brand I wanted to chat too. She spoke about her 100% organic products and I was able to try out some of their Rose Geranium Hand Balm which smelt divine! Not to mention the Tea Tree lip balm too. It was great having Glenda explain about making her products 100% Organic and the difference between using creams and balms. The balms themselves are so versatile, It makes me wonder why I hadn't tried one before. Apply it to slightly damp skin and it feels a bit more like a cream, add some salt or sugar to it to make it an exfoliator, Use it on my hands, Cheeks, Lips, legs, feet even as a cuticle balm when giving myself a manicure. You could even use some on your hair at the ends as a form of serum / wax type product so, as you can see, it's not just a product that sits there, you can keep it on you for on the go and use it for hand cream, lip therapy or to touch up dry skin on your face. I wont go on too much here as Glenda was kind enough to gift me with some samples to review for you all so I cant wait to do some posts of the bits I got as I am really loving them and can't wait to share them in depth with you.

Iridescence: www.iridescence.co.uk 
Sam from Iridescence was one of my favorites I got to talk to! Sadly I only got to sit down with her at the end so it was a bit of a rush, Once everyone came in they all flooded her and I couldn't get a look in! Iridescence is an online boutique with a collection of vintage jewellery and accessories, with a healthy passion for butterflies! The pieces are all designed to be striking with emphasis on detail to make you freel special :D I absolutely love the website and saw many many MANY things I wanted before attending the event and it was lovely to interact with Sam on twitter and facebook before we met. I was lucky enough to get a GORGEOUS Vintage necklace and can't wait to do a post on it as it hasn't left my neck! It got me so many compliments at the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend I just know so many of you will love it if you have a soft spot for vintage jewellery ! So Thankyou Sam! Can't wait to show it off with my followers!

Brastop: www.brastop.com 
I was excited to pop over and see Kimberly at Brastop as we had a little natter via twitter before the event! Kimberly was showing me some of their GORGEOUS range and we spoke about our preferences to bra's and babydolls and I'm excited to say a meet up in their warehouse in London is on the cards so don't worry ladies, You will get a chance to see some sexy lingerie soon! Brastop selpp Size D - K Lingerie and swimwear and their range is simply amazing for a very fair price. As a fully figured bigger busted lady, who has quite the love for all things lingerie related, I'm going to be in heaven in their warehouse so start looking on their site ladies as I will be posting about Brastop soon along with a special discount code Kimberly gave me for you all :D But in the mean time you can enjoy 15% off Everything till the 28th Feb using my code : "MAHIKI".

MyLeor: www.myleor.co.uk 
Rachelle the Director of MyLeor was the first brand I sat down with and It certainly kick started my evening smelling good and feeling good! MyLeor focus on producing simple yet effective skincare for woman, their bath and body collection ranges from Bath milk, Double whipped body butters, shower gels, body lotions, face washes, facial exfoliate cremes through to shampoo and conditioner. They currently have 7 key scents, French Lavender, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Lime, Sweet orange and Unfragranced. All the products are made in the UK and aren't tested on animals. MyLeor only use essential oils. They are Paraben, Sulphate and Petrochemical Free and they avoid artificial colours. Rachelle had brought some of the lemon and lime products and god they just smelt amazing. They were kind enough to give me a code to get my hands on some MyLeor Goodies so there will be some detailed reviews using those coming soon! 

Truly Knickers: http://www.trulyknickers.com/
I think I spoke with Truly Knickers the longest, speaking about their 100% Full cotton briefs that are simply ADORABLE. Girly sleepovers and all things pretty and luxurious is the thought behind Truly Knickers. I wanted to take them all home with me there and then. The sizing looke very generous and I can't wait to review the black floral pair pictured above. It's always such a shame when beautiful designs don't cater for a larger lady and Truly Knickers would fit I'd say upto a size 22 maybe bigger ( i'd need to try one on to give a proper opinion ) but yeah, Can't wait to be working with Truly Knickers in the Future as they seemed so lovely and bubbly and a real treat to see at the bloggers love event! Deffo will be busting out some sexy undies soon!

apologies for the white bra flash pic lol

Knomo: www.knomo.com 
haha OH KNOMO, The Lovely Franco was an absolute darling and I could of spoke bags with him all night as well as the story behind Knomo. Back in 2004 the Laptop meant we could be online anywhere and Knomo wanted to bring out bags that were designed to protect a laptop or help organize our bag so that our Ipad was just slipped in a neat pocket for ease and protection. Not only are these bags smart but they are stylish too. The more I spoke with Franco, The more I loved Knomo's Ethos, We went into depth about the company and about how they encourage idea's so they can take that feedback and put it into a new design or better a current design for their bags. One of the best features that I loved with Knomo is each item had its own personal ID even the ipad cases. You register it on their site and it acts as a log in profile for you for your wishlists and reviews but more importantly if you ever lose your item, the tag directs the finder to the website to let them know so they can return it to you.. How lovely is that? I LOVE the Picton Black Cherry.

Not Just Stuff: www.notjuststuff.co.uk 

 Aw mega sad face :( I didn't have time to see Not Just Stuff and they were TOP of my list of tables to see :( I LOVE their website. Look at this ring! IT has my name on it.. along with several other rings they have. They remind me a tad of forever 21 jewellery and they have something for everyone, for me personally I love their accent necklaces and their colours ( AND THEIR RINGS! ) Hoping to meet them soon at another blogger event in the future so I can try on some bits and bobs but rest assured, some items will be purchased soon! :D

Chic and Seek: www.chicandseek.com 

Sadly I didn't make it to Chic and Seek but they work with some of London's chicest women who recycle their wardrobes, They personally hand-select every item, allowing them to personally ensure quality and authenticity of their collection. I'm already in love with their Dsquared pastel pink bag.

Have you ever heard of any of these brands?

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  1. You look lovely my dear!! Glad you had a good night. :)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Thanks hun! It was such a lovely evening! Just HOPE I can get to the one at the end of the month but idk due to work :( xx

  2. Hey Hun, I know you've got like 700+ followers on bloglovin but I just nominated you for The Liebster Award due to amount of google followers you have :) xxx


  3. Looks like such a lovely event with some brands I too haven't heard of, you look beaut !

    lemonaidlies.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. It was such a lush event! who knows maybe I might see you at one if your in London :) x

  4. Looks like you had a great time!

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

    1. We had a fab time! :D Thanks Georgina! x

  5. oooh it looks fabulous and you looked beautiful!
    I loved that red bag!

    Hopefully will get to see you at the next event!

    xx | PixiRella

    1. The bag was to die for! I've tweeted the brand a couple times but not heard anything back which is disappointing! Oh well! lol YES hope to see you soon! xxx

  6. Ohh That looked like loads of fun,You must of been busy trying to get round all the different brands.Pity you didn't get to see them all but at least you got to see quite a few from the pictures.I will admit those Cupcakes look delish ! Looks like you had a great time,you looked lovely too :)
    Caitriona || http://copycattt.blogspot.ie/ ||

    1. Hey Caitriona, It was so much fun! Sadly yes I didn't make it to all of the brands but there is always next time! :D xx

  7. Damn I missed it =( Looks like you guys had loads of fun!! Xx

    www.JenniferNoir.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. Aw There are always others! Maybe ill meet you at one in the future! :) xxx

  8. What a fun event! I love seeing all these blogger things people go to!


    1. It was really fun! Deffo go to another one again! :D xx


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